September 17, 2007 - OTTAWA - Idokorro Mobile Inc., the world’s leading provider of business and IT software for handhelds, today announced it will change its name to Rove. The name change comes as part of a re-branding effort by the six-year-old company, which also includes an intensive marketing effort and the relaunch of its website, now found at The company plans to intensify its focus on the business and consumer experience, building on its position as the world’s fastest growing enterprise-ready software for handhelds.

The company will continue to deliver its award-winning mobile business and IT software under the product names Mobile Admin, Mobile SSH, Mobile Desktop, Mobile Citrix Client and Mobile File Manager. Rove customers, which include more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies, are able to access their company IT network servers and computers from their handheld devices, quickly diagnose and resolve troubles, reducing costly downtime and saving companies tens of thousands of dollars.

By leveraging an existing enterprise IT infrastructure, Rove seamlessly delivers software that pushes handheld devices far beyond just email and voice. Rove is trusted by a portfolio of notable Fortune 500 customers that include Boeing, CitiGroup, Pfizer, Lexmark International and Capital One, all of whom rely on Rove’s software to ensure rapid response to business and technology issues.

“As the mobile workforce continues to grow, the need to access business information from anywhere also increases," said Stacy Sudan, research analyst for the Mobile Enterprise Software program at IDC. “According to recent IDC research*, the most highly rated perceived benefit of mobilizing an enterprise application is to realize productivity gains.”

“The name Rove reflects exactly what we allow our customers to do – have the flexibility to handle critical business issues from wherever their devices have coverage,” said Rove’s President & CEO, Rob Woodbridge. “In addition to offering greater freedom, we are helping client companies reduce the significant costs of downtime incurred upon their businesses.”

About Rove
Rove is the world’s leading provider of enterprise software for handhelds. The company’s category-defining products allow users to monitor, maintain, and manage their networks, computers, and other network devices from practically anywhere. More than 5,000 customers worldwide – including 100 of the Fortune 500 – rely on Rove’s trusted software to lower IT costs, increase productivity and reduce risk. For more information, please visit, or call 1 613 789 1818 (toll-free in North America: 1 888 482 3646).