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    How Big A Threat Is The IPhone To BlackBerry?


    "It was love at first sight for Paul Timmins, even though he had only seen the object of his desire in pictures.

    "It was one of those things," said Timmins, principal at Gravity Financial LLC, a Canton, Mass. hedge-fund-administration company. "Instantly, I knew that's what I wanted."
    What Timmins wanted was an iPhone.

    For those few hermits who haven't heard, the much anticipated iPhone is scheduled to go on sale Friday. Many industry analysts believe the iPhone and the world's top-selling smartphone, the BlackBerry, can both thrive in the burgeoning smartphone market. But if Timmins' experience is indicative, the BlackBerry could face competition in the consumer and "prosumer" markets from perhaps the best known brand in the consumer electronics industry.
    Timmins said he originally planned on buying two BlackBerries for his five- person office. Then he saw a demonstration of the iPhone in April. "Once the iPhone came out, everything changed," he said.

    Timmins said he was particularly attracted to the iPhone's Internet-browsing capabilities, which were superior to the BlackBerry. "Trying to get around and understand the information I was taking in was difficult looking at the BlackBerry," he said.

    The BlackBerry is made by Research In Motion Ltd. (RIMM), which has long been dominant in the corporate market, but is now attempting to extend its reach into the consumer and prosumer markets. Prosumers are business professionals who work at small-and-medium-sized businesses, such as Gravity.

    In September, RIM introduced the BlackBerry Pearl, a sleek device that came with consumer-oriented applications, such as a camera and MP3 player. The Waterloo, Ont. company has since introduced other BlackBerry models with crossover appeal, including the 8800 and the Curve.
    The strategy is working. At March 3, the number of BlackBerry subscribers stood at 8 million, up from 4.9 million a year earlier. That type of stellar growth has helped lift RIM's stock 28% this year and 76% in the past 12 months. By comparison, the Nasdaq is up just 6.5% year to date and 20% in the past 12 months. RIM, which is scheduled to report its first quarter results Thursday after the close, is forecasting subscriber additions of 1.125-1.15 million in the quarter. There is little room for error given the firm's lofty share price, and that margin could narrow even further with the arrival of the iPhone.

    Competition Not New To RIM"

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    Re: How Big A Threat Is The IPhone To BlackBerry?

    iPhone is going to do very well. So are the Blackberry devices. Actually, I see iPhone competing more with Treo and other smartphones rather than Blackberry.

    The iPhone undoubtedly has a lot of cool features. And I think in the multimedia department, the iPhone will have the advantage over the BB devices. But, I don't think RIM has ever had multimedia as their focus. While the iPhone will have the entertainment advantage, I think Blackberry will continue to have the information advantage.

    From what I hear, the iPhone virtual keyboard is difficult to use, more so than the Palm soft keyboard in the pre-Treo days. RIM has a huge advantage in the push e-mail arena. I don't see any iPhone Enterprise Servers installed in corporate e-mail environments.

    Where iPhone does overlap with Blackberry should be a win for consumers as this will persuade RIM, Apple, Palm and all the players to turn out better devices.

    I don't see iPhone as a "threat"...I see it more as healthy competition.

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    Re: How Big A Threat Is The IPhone To BlackBerry?

    I don't think the iPhone is a threat to Blackberry. If RIM has any brains, the iPhone will enhance the BBs and actually strengthen their position. I am switching to iPhone because RIM does not support Mac. The eye candy and web browsing features are cool and I believe that RIM will have to look at these enhancements to keep their position. I love my BB but RIM doesn't want my support. My hopes are that RIM update and upgrades their phones and services so that by the time I need another phone I can seriously look at BB again. If RIM just goes about "business as usual" they might be in trouble. Apple is going to keep enhancing the iPhone and if the iPod is any indication, the future iPhones will have more features and they will also be cheaper. I think that RIM needed a kick in the butt to get them back to creating phones and services that will keep them on top. Please RIM do not just ignore Mac users and the iPhone. Create a DM for Mac and make Apple have to fight for every sale.

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    Re: How Big A Threat Is The IPhone To BlackBerry?

    iPhone will eat into consumer BB sales but will not have any impact on corporate BB sales since no self-respecting organization will allow corporate data/email/etc. to be stored on an iPhone compared to a Blackberry.

    Also keep in mind, per Pogue's NYTimes review (someone who's had the iPhone for weeks)..."The Blackberry isn't going anywhere."

    I think that sums it up nicely
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    Re: How Big A Threat Is The IPhone To BlackBerry?

    ~via BB (
    All I can say is iSick of all this hype.if I see one more commercial, I think my exhaust pipe is going to have a hose sticking out of it! Does apple make quality products? Sure. Is this phone gonna sell like crazy? Sure. But if the specs of the Komet are true, along with all the supposed advertising that's been suggested will happen, I bet they sell as many of those the first year as the iPhone does in its first year. Simple math. A lot more people can afford 150-300 bones than 500-600.
    Also don't forget the ATT exclusive. You may see other carrier's customers adding a line for this, but with etf is $800 worth it? Its an iPod with a phone and edge browsing on a better format browser. Looks really cool. They'll sell a ton. Won't revolutionize the smart phone world, but then again a good percentage of the uninformed media will claim it did. Ok my diarhea of the mouth needs to end

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    Re: How Big A Threat Is The IPhone To BlackBerry?

    I can't wait for the iPhone to come out. It has seemed like forever. I'm hoping it will be a big event in my life.

    Am I going to buy one? Absolutely not, but I am counting on it shaking up the cell phone/BB/carrier markets this Fall to the extent that it will force the competition into making some fresh, more attractive package offerings.

    I am still gunning for an 8703e although the 8830 has my eye. Thanks to the excellent info on this forum, I have decided that the current VZW version of the 8830 needs to retire to the Land of Misfit Toys. If there is a new rev of the 8830 this fall (with the many problems things fixed) then maybe I will have choices but counting on VZW? Nah.

    Meanwhile I will continue my habit of reading seven times and buying once. Thanks again to this great forum!!

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    Re: How Big A Threat Is The IPhone To BlackBerry?

    It never ceases to amaze me at how Steve Jobs & Apple have created this near cult like following. I find their arrogance very annoying. However that said, I do give them credit for the media frenzy that Steve continues to whip up. All over a phone that no one has seen in person or even tried. The iPhone is in my mind, an entertainment centric device. One that will certainly have it's share of supporters and will certainly attract a lot of younger buyers. This fact is quite useful for Apple going forward as it builds even more brand loyalty, beyond was it already has due to the iPod success.

    OK, so to the question here: How Big A Threat Is The Iphone to BlackBerry?
    I believe that it will have a certain degree of impact on the consumer side of BB sales. Just how big is nearly impossible to forecast. Only time will tell. However given the fact that RIM has just began targeting that segment of the market, it's not as though its too late and iPhone will take over. I believe that if RIM takes the iPhone seriously and responds to the newest competitor, they will work hard to continue to improve BB's targeted at the public sector.

    Regarding the corporate sector, based on what I've read lately, it appears that the iPhone could indeed begin to impact that arena very slowly. Given the massive lead that RIM has, and it's stellar track record, I believe that they need to be very pro-active and continue to provide great service, support, and new devices that are appropriate for the corporate needs. If RIM continues to embrace competition and work diligently to maintain and grow their market share, they will do very well.

    Speaking for myself, I will not be buying an iPhone. After years of using other devices and searching for the right combination to meet my business and personal needs, I have finally found that in the BlackBerry Platform. It's been a year now since I first began using a BlackBerry and the honeymoon is not over. I continue to be delighted at the stellar performance, reliability and ease of use. Then when I look at the strong support community that exists, like this forum, I'm 100% satisfied. There is simply too much right about the BB, along with it's past and present history to cause me to have any thoughts of abandoning the platform.

    Competition is always good for the marketplace and the iPhone could be the best thing that has happened to RIM in a long time. Just the kick in the pants to push them to continue developing at what now may be an accelerated pace. Sounds like a win/win deal to me.


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    Re: How Big A Threat Is The IPhone To BlackBerry?

    The iPhone is only a minor threat. Non-BlackBerry users/owners will now wait and save for an iPhone. BlackBerry users are loyal. Although its a hot device, the price is too rediculous. I bet its kind of bulky. Even compared to a new BlackBerry user holding an 8700 for the first time.

    Bottom line: BlackBerry is in a league of its own and so is the iPhone.

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    Re: How Big A Threat Is The IPhone To BlackBerry?

    That is VERY true Optimus, BB users are very loyal to their service and device that they have. I myself will never switch to that device or service even though it is a VERY slick and high tech device which is what I love the most about it, but my blackberry will always take care of me and vice versa.

    The BB market has nothing to worry about, just the Palms and stand alone devices. iPhone has a chance to exceed a lifetime throw down of what technology can really do, and what money can buy for a high priced device that basically can hold you entire life in, what BB doesn't do that these days

    So if you think about it, the level of compensation will remain at the same balance even when iPhone hit the market and while it's still blowing up the TV's in every home for the next 4-5 years to get everyones attention on what they're missing out on.
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