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    HipVoice (sorta) Brings Push To Talk to BlackBerry, WinMobile & iPhone Soon



    HipVoice already supports Windows Mobile, Motorola/Symbol devices and other platforms, mainly through OEMs and costs as little as $10 a month. The BlackBerry support launched a few days ago and the company is finalizing support for Symbian handsets soon. Additionally, the plans include HipVoice on Apple and Android devices. HipVoice might not be PTT as we’ve known it, but perhaps it’s the natural evolution of PTT.

    PTT, or Push To Talk, is pretty common for business teams that are spread out and I can see why. You may need instant information from a peer who’s at another job-site, for example. Using PTT, your phone is essentially a half-duplex, walkie-talkie so you can have a semi-real-time conversation. Well, that’s assuming you can translate the oft-garbled communications; I think my vintage G.I.Joe walkie-talkie kit from the 1970’s sounded better in some cases.

    Some U.S. carriers offer handsets that support the PTT service, but it requires specific hardware and typically works only within the particular carrier’s network. HipVoice intends to change the rules for PTT with their service that’s carrier independent. Another rule they’re changing is the traditional definition of PTT, because their clever solution is designed very differently from standard Push To Talk services. You still press a button to talk, but what happens after that is completely different from today’s PTT.

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    How do you get it? I want to play! PPT is absolutly the only thing I miss about my old nextel account. Thanks for the post!

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    This looks pretty good, I am ready to try it out...

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    Has anyone else applied to become a Blackberry beta tester for HipVoice?
    AL in Jacksonville Beach, FL
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