Corporate BlackBerry smartphone users today are exchanging information, business transactions, sales appointments and ultimately generating revenue. Unfortunately, sales departments, IT departments, information security officers, HR and corporate governance groups have not seen eye-to-eye on how PIN messages, SMS text messages and voice communications factor into a corporate archiving and retention policy. "There are numerous requirements, such as litigation readiness and compliance, which have caused organizations to implement an email archiving solution. These same reasons apply to archiving PIN messages, SMS text messages and phone usage," says Mitch Lauer, Director of Business Development for GWAVA.

Retain 2 from GWAVA is easy to install, server based, requires no software on BlackBerry smartphones and can scale to support tens of thousands of users. In addition, features have been added to enhance the experience for auditors and administrators. Some of this new functionality includes conversion of PIN messages, SMS text messages and phone usage data to individual pieces of email that are archived in an organization's email archive repository; rights management; audit logging; and the ability to view specific messages and mark them as reviewed.

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via PR Newswire