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IMO a real Skype app for the Blackberry (like the iPhone apparently has) with all ... Smartphone News forum

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    IMO a real Skype app for the Blackberry (like the iPhone apparently has) with all the VOIP function would be a REAL hit in the marketplace. I have IM+ for Skype and it's OK but it's a call-back system and a bit confusing unless both users are familiar with it. It DOES offer cheaper calls though, all over the world...and it works!
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    I think it's going to be one of those things (Apps) I let lay for awhile and see how it develops. I don't see where it's going to be useful for me in it's current state. I did the same thing when Gmail was first released. I had an account the first week it was released and did not use it for almost a year. You never know where things will go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ventz View Post
    BUt this is what I don't understand -- i can just dial my google # and make a call from there, or start my web browser and start a call. This is why I call this app busted (google voice).

    Agreed... you can. GVdialer does help automate the calling out though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srl7741 View Post
    I finally received my Google Voice invite. It took a week If i recall correctly. I didn't have grandcentral before. It seems to work fine from what I have tried this far but I don't totally understand how this is going work?

    I can see if I hand out my GV number my phone rings
    I can see if I dial a phone number from the computer my phone rings then connects to the person I phoned from the computer
    I can sms from the computer
    I can read VM hear VM on the computer

    What else am I missing? Keep in mind I don't have the GV App on a cell. As everyone knows that's not going to happen while people fight over "right and wrong". So without the App this seems pointless unless others can shed some light for me?

    • Free SMS
    • One number that can ring your cell, home, and office (great for businesses)
    • One voicemail account for all of your numbers
    • Transcripts of voicemail
    • Abitlity to check voicemail in any order
    • Place calls from the PC
    • Free SMS (worth mentioning twice)

    Those are off the top of my head. The biggest advantage here has been mentioned I think in numerous threads, but GV uses a specific number for incoming and another for outgoing calls. If you were to have a plan like MyFaves, you could theoretically assign those numbers as two favorites and thus route ALL incoming and outgoing calls through them. You'd never use minutes off your plan. Even if Google changes the incoming, the outgoing will stay the same so that the app can consistently dial-out and you'd at least get free outgoing calls using that method.

    The only thing lacking from this app at the moment, other then a decent user interface on the Blackberry =-), is that while you can send SMS through the app for free, you have to login to the app and refresh it in order to check for new messages, unless you set it up to send you SMS notifications to your device (then you pay for incoming only). Pain in the butt. However, until Google goes to push email or sets up another notification system, the guide I posted here will at least drop you email notification the moment you receive a new SMS message. It's an extra step, but hey, I don't pay for SMS messages anymore.
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    does anyone have more invites?
    please send me one
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    Quote Originally Posted by bibiscov View Post
    does anyone have more invites?
    please send me one to poiuyhy at
    I think you have to wait for Google to actually send you an invite...that's what happened with me. I already have a GV because I transferred from GrandCentral Beta, and they sent me my invite a couple weeks ago for a new acct.
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    I think there is some confusion about invites out there. If you want to have Google Voice you go to the GoogleVoice website and apply. After one to two weeks GoogleVoice sends you an approval email and you choose your number. Priority is curently given to the military who get it in 1 day

    It only has USA numbers
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    Going thru the mil invite page it took about 12 hours to get my invite so I was happy.

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    I'm loving GV. Works great on my 8900. Got my invite about a week ago and have it all set up now. They aren't being picky about invites, just email them and in a few days they'll send you an invite.
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