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What's your single favorite gadget? BlackBerry 8700 Price: About $550 Why do you love it? ... Smartphone News forum

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    Google Director's BlackBerry


    What's your single favorite gadget?
    BlackBerry 8700

    Price: About $550

    Why do you love it?
    Right now I'm using the BlackBerry 8700 as my primary data device. I love it because it's a conduit to the things I use all the time, for mobile, SMS and, of course, e-mail!
    I spend about 30% to 40% of my time on the road and, with the BlackBerry, I'm always connected and able to stay productive when out of the office. Like any other person who spends a majority of their time traveling, I take comfort in knowing that I'm able to connect in nearly any corner of the world, without the need for wires.
    The second thing I love about the BlackBerry is that regardless of where I am, I'm still able to access the things I need to do my job--like keeping up with technology trends through Slashdot and Techdirt and mundane things like figuring out the weather in cities I am traveling to.
    What would you change about it?
    It would be great if the next iteration of the BlackBerry had removable memory and doubled as a good music-listening device.
    What's the one device you wish someone would invent?
    There are two things: a phone that works in every single country in the world and a true universal adapter.


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    Re: Google Director's BlackBerry

    Cool story. Thanks
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    Re: Google Director's BlackBerry

    that's cool. thank you.

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    Re: Google Director's BlackBerry

    I agree with the need for a removable memory slot. The ability to have documents, databases, and other needed files on hand and viewable would be a total asset! Hopefully the future BB models offer this expandablility.

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