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Originally Posted by Hyper 4. I have set up 2 gmail & 1 google apps ... Smartphone News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
    4. I have set up 2 gmail & 1 google apps account..its working perfectly fine & is almost PUSH mail, almost in real time..a few mins delay.
    Mine still takes 20 minutes - the same as in version 1.5. Would you mind sharing your settings for Gmail app and desktop Gmail (maybe I'm missing something)? I would love to enjoy this near-instant e-mail delivery too .

    3. If i still keep my BB handset but not the service. Instead i just have my normal advanced GPRS, will i be able to use GMAIL APP.- can anyone confirm this.
    I can confirm it works for me. If you have the correct APN settings for your provider, Gmail app (and most 3rd party apps) should work without a BB data plan. There are people reporting otherwise but I suspect they either didn't set up APN correctly or had some sort of restrictive IT policy on their device.
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