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BodyGuardz is a clear film that covers the full body of your smartphone providing scratch ... Smartphone News forum

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    Get BodyGuardz for your Smartphone - Free shipping available


    BodyGuardz is a clear film that covers the full body of your smartphone providing scratch protection from outside elements. We like BodyGuardz because the film is incredibly thin and leaves a very smooth bubble free finish. There's free shipping within the United States on all orders of $24.95 and above.

    No matter the smartphone you own... BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Palm, Nokia etc they got you covered!

    Check out today!

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    I tried one of these form the Palm Pre Plus (when I was trying it out -- lasted 5 days), and I thought that this was the WORST clear film that i've ever used. It is soo thick. It feels like old plastic. It makes the phone feel thick. While I didn't have a hard time placing it on (like most other users have complained), I did get bubbles. As they said, most went away, but not all of them. Also, the edges peeled (the ones pictured above) and it kept peeling more and more. Again, this was in a 4-5 day period.

    I was extremely unhappy with this! I not only would not use it if it was free, but at this point, I wouldn't put it on my new iPhone even if they paid me to.

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    I know I don't have much clout here yet (but I do if you know me from CB) anyways I HIGHLY recommend bodyguardz. It applies well, feels good on the device and does not have the "orange peel" effect of some other similar products. They also have a GREAT replacement policy if you get a warranty replacement of your device, they will send you a replacement skin for your replacement device. Plus the box itself comes with 2 applications in case you mess up.
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