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    Gameloft Ditches Android For iPhone


    While the Android platform has become very popular, spawning a slew of new devices and OS mods, it seems there's still a lack of a quality portal to purchase games and applications from. Well, according to one major mobile game developer that is.

    via Cnet: "French mobile gaming company Gameloft said at an investor conference on Friday that it is cutting back its investment in Android in favor of the iPhone, according to a Reuters report. Gameloft's finance director Alexandre de Rochefort said "many others" were doing the same thing, although he didn't mention the other companies by name.

    Rochefort said the main reason for choosing the iPhone over Android was "due to weaknesses of Android's application store." "It is not as neatly done as on the iPhone. Google has not been very good to entice customers to actually buy products. On Android nobody is making significant revenue," said Rochefort."

    Check out the full article here.
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    They didn't really have much choice. Android OS 1.5 and 2.0 are much different and so are the screens. The Android Market has no games because the platform was designed around phones with limited storage 256MB of onboard storage (512MB on the Droid) limits things. Android itself uses up most of this memory (the 512MB Droid has about 200MB free after loading Android 2.0) this limits users and leaves developers left with very little to work with.

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    The Android Market is a mess compared to the Apple App Store for sure. Not enough categories, sparse descriptions, not enough screen shots. Of course I have learned even in the App Store to never rely on the in-store reviews especially for new apps. I have not bought any apps for my Droid yet, mainly because I am trouble-shooting with verizon over some issues where I'm having trouble with 3G, but also because I am hesitant to drop cash on apps with so little info to entice me to buy.

    However, I am happy to get the cool games and play them in my iPod Touch and use my phone mainly for Phone/email/IM/calendar/browsing/maps/twitter/ the lack of "good" games will not be a drawback for me. There are still plenty of fun time wasters available for my Droid

    But if Android is going to compete, they will need to handle more. As it is, I have way more apps on my Droid than my BB could ever dream of....but I definitely have many more on my iPod Touch than my Droid could ever dream of either.
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    game loft games for android are sloppy and not as good as iphone's that is why nobody want to bye them .

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