Flowfinity Wireless Inc., a leading provider of adaptable applications and fully integrated solutions for the wireless enterprise, today is announcing the release of Flowfinity Forms 5.1, an adaptable application for mobile data collection that is designed to eliminate paper forms or the distribution of spreadsheets between team members. By automating data collection and collation by using BlackBerry smartphones from Research In Motion, businesses can collect data faster and more accurately while centrally storing and collating the data for immediate use.

More details on the benefits of this mobile data collection from Flowfinity can be found at www.flowfinity.com/apps/forms.html

Flowfinity Forms has been on the market for over 5 years, has a large base of customers, and has been an award-winning product over the years. It has remained unique in the mobile data collection category by combining a point-and-click visual form editor, over-the-air form deployment, end-to-end security, always available forms, submission notification for managers, and centralized data collation. This new version adds features that will make it even easier:

-- by offering the ability to create mobile forms from spreadsheets
within minutes.
-- by allowing users to fill-in forms from a desktop or laptop through a
web portal in addition to BlackBerry smartphones.

Microsoft Excel has over 450 million users and businesses often initially try and deploy mobile data collection solutions using spreadsheets and notebook computers. However, spreadsheets are not designed for multiple users entering data at the same time, so, unless you manually mail around a single spreadsheet to every user one at a time, this results in multiple spreadsheets. Managing data collection with multiple spreadsheets requires many days of manual effort to collect and collate for the collected data to be used. Now, with Flowfinity Forms, take any spreadsheet that you have been using as a data collection solution and import it into Flowfinity Forms and create and deploy a mobile forms application within minutes. And, instead of trying to boot up a notebook computer every time a data collection need arises, simply use your BlackBerry smartphone to quickly and effortlessly enter and submit the data (where it is collated immediately for use by your organization).
"Our customers have found it valuable to have an out-of-the-box solution that lets them build whatever forms they wanted without needing a programmer," said Larry Wilson, Flowfinity's VP of Sales and Marketing. "Now it is even easier with the new capability of migrating from inefficient spreadsheets to mobile forms in a matter of minutes."