OTTAWA--FirstHand Technologies, an innovator in transforming mobile devices into full-featured business telephones, today announced that it has added the BlackBerry Curve to the ever expanding portfolio of devices supported by the FirstHand Enterprise Mobility Solution.

The announcement follows a May announcement in which FirstHand added the BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry 8800 Series smartphones to its supported device list.

“By delivering our Mobile Unified Communications solution on the most recently released devices and operating systems, FirstHand Technologies continues to solidify its market leadership position,” said Dave Hattey, president and CEO of FirstHand Technologies. “Technological advancements are consistently being made available to an enterprise’s mobile workforce. We’ve integrated our Mobile Unified Communications solution with the latest devices and operating systems enabling enterprises to see a marked improvement in productivity levels, improve customer responsiveness and lower cellular costs.”

The Mobile Unified Communications solution from FirstHand Technologies is a powerful enterprise fixed-mobile convergence solution that delivers:
  • Single-number reachability
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Common voice mailbox
  • Instant group calling
Hattey added: “As enterprises more extensively deploy dual-mode devices running Windows Mobile, they will want to take advantage of the WiFi-to-cellular handoff functionality developed by FirstHand Technologies. Enterprise users will now be able to start a call on either network and have the call transferred automatically to the other network without a drop in the conversation. Other productivity enhancers include session mobility where users can easily move a call from desktop phones to mobile devices, and true single-number reachability where enterprise phone numbers – not cell numbers – are displayed to the people called.”

The Mobile Unified Communications solution also comes with full call-screening capabilities for all calls – even four- five- or six-digit internal enterprise calls. The solution is enabled by an intuitive unified communications user interface that includes corporate directory, presence, voice messaging, instant messaging, conferencing and more.

Employing RIM BlackBerry devices, mobile users can—from within the enterprise campus (VoWiFi) or outside (GSM/CDMA cellular networks)—seamlessly access the same features used at their desktops. The fixed-mobile integration solution is enterprise-centric, mobile-operator agnostic and independent of cellular network technologies (GSM/CDMA).

FirstHand Technologies is a BlackBerry Alliance and Microsoft Software Development member among other partner programs. To view the list of supported devices, interested parties can go to

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FirstHand Technologies mobilizes enterprise unified communications by extending the functionality of IP PBXs and related servers to a variety of smartphones and dual-mode devices over WiFi/cellular networks. Mobile devices are effectively transformed into business telephones and are fully integrated into enterprise communications and business processes. The FirstHand Technologies enterprise-centric, fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) solution delivers enterprise telephony features and “single number” seamless connectivity over cellular and/or WiFi networks enabling organizations to achieve “enterprise communications everywhere.”

Using such devices as Windows Mobile, Nokia E-series and RIM BlackBerry, the mobile user can—from within the enterprise campus (VoWiFi) or outside (GSM/CDMA)—seamlessly access the same features they use at their desktop. Your enterprise will benefit from continuous mobile collaboration and communication, faster unified communication abilities, higher customer responsiveness, and increased productivity. For more information, please visit