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    Field Force Manager from Verizon Now Available on the Curve


    Field Force Manager can help you reduce operating costs, increase worker productivity, and streamline business processes so your company can operate more efficiently.

    Field Force Manager can help your business in powerful new ways.
    What if you could quickly locate your remote workers while they are in the field? What if service requests could be dispatched to the team nearest your customer? What if team members could electronically enter their timecard information in the field, instead of bringing stacks of forms back to the office at the end of the day or week? What if detailed, daily reports on your company’s performance were just a click away?
    That’s exactly what Verizon Wireless Field Force Manager can do for your company.

    How Field Force Manager works

    Field Force Manager is a powerful Web-based application combined with a handset application that provides visibility and control for all of your mobile workers. It’s a turnkey wireless-solutions package that’s breaking new ground in resource tracking and management. It is composed of three solution modules:
    • Location and Tracking uses rich, detailed mapping to show the location and location history of field workers; provides location information when users clock in and out; shows where they are when they accept and complete jobs; creates an audit trail to validate job information for customers; and generates turn-by-turn driving directions.

    • Electronic Timecard gives employees an automated way to capture their time, and gives employers the ability to export this information into many current payroll systems for processing.
    • Job Dispatch provides an automated way to manage customer service requests, dispatch field personnel, and track job progress through completion.

    Available Field Force Manager packages

    With the Limited, Basic, and Premium package choices, Field Force Manager is both affordable to implement and able to keep pace with the growth of your business.
    • Limited provides management of your workforce while in the field. It includes detailed current and past travel information, and is an affordable solution for those with limited mobile resource management needs.
    • Basic not only enables you to see where your workers are in the field, but it also allows you to dispatch jobs, send messages and provide text-based driving directions, and collect timecard and job information from employees.
    • Premium takes mobile workforce management to the next level, adding job and workflow management features so you know when mobile workers are ready for their next assignment. It also offers audible and map-enabled driving directions.

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    Doesn't Verizon cripple the GPS for their users by making them pay a fee and even then only being able to use the Verizon GPS app? Now they're going to allow their other internal apps to use it? I'm surprised this hasn't turned into an anti-trust lawsuit like what happened to Windows and IE.

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