Dynoplex alerted us of their release of a new version of their document management suites for BlackBerry - eOffice and MasterDoc.

"We've collected a lot of feedback from thousands of users over the last year and we ensured that these comments made their way into our products.

Our award winning software is designed for viewing, editing and advanced management of documents, files and email attachments in multitude of document formats (DOC, XLS, PDF, PPT, JPEG, GIF, TIF, WAV, MP3). The new version, adds a number of new features as well as significant improvements to interfaces and usability. We are glad to invite you to download and try this new version, and we are positive that you will find it even more useful and exciting than before.

Here are the highlights of the new version:
  • Working with native attachments:
    User can save e-mail attachments on the device or SD card in their native format. Documents can then be copied to the laptop over USB or the SD card, or stored on the device for future use, for example, to be emailed as attachments.
  • eWorks Desktop feature:
    Quickly and easily create and send e-mails and attachments from your laptop via your BlackBerry while your PC is off-line.
  • Mouse option:
    Yes, we've made a mouse for your BlackBerry! If your device is equipped with the trackball, you can take advantage of the improved navigation within DynoPlex application using a real mouse pointer. You can point to objects, buttons and menus on the screen and simply click the mouse. The mouse adds familiar feel to eOffice application and greatly improves usability when working with the applications.
  • eFile Desktop:
    Fast and direct upload of your PC files to BB memory via USB. Chose whether you want to copy files in their native format or ready to use with eOffice.
  • Buy Now:
    Quickly obtain licenses for new DynoPlex applications over the air from eFile and use them right-a-way!
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