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CTIA Wireless 2008 - Dial2Do to Exhibit at CTIA, Las Vegas. Demonstration for Hands-Free Email, ... Smartphone News forum

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    Dial2Do Hands-Free Email, Text Messaging and Personal Productivity


    CTIA Wireless 2008 - Dial2Do to Exhibit at CTIA, Las Vegas. Demonstration for Hands-Free Email, Text Messaging and Personal Productivity, 2pm Daily, Booth Number 627 / Hall C1/C2.

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    Dial2Do, a provider of voice-activated phone services, announced participation at CTIA Las Vegas. The team will be on hand to demonstrate and launch the Dial2Do service in North America. The new service is targeted initially at drivers, to help them get things done during their commuting time, safely and within the law. CEO, Ivan MacDonald said, "Dial2Do is ideal for people in their car - the regular commuter or the busy parent - who'd like to be able to get things done while keeping both hands on the wheel. Dial2Do lets you send emails, text messages and reminders, using your voice - you just call the number and speak, and we do the rest!"

    Dial2Do allows users to carry out common tasks, hands-free, by just using their voice. In the U.S., the general trend is towards ensuring people don't use their phones without appropriate hands-free kits or headsets.

    "As with many other countries around the world," said MacDonald, "the U.S. is now bringing in legislation to ensure people stay safe while driving, and to stop them holding their phones or even trying to text while driving. Dial2Do helps drivers stay both safe and productive, so this is a great time to show what it can do and to begin to work with partners in the U.S."

    Several U.S. States have already enacted legislation to ban users from holding their phones while driving. Washington and California for example have new laws coming into force this year.

    Built on an open-hosted voice platform, Dial2Do makes it easy for anyone to voice activate a growing range of internet productivity services and make them available to Dial2Do users.

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    Sounds like a nice little service, on the way to register, Thanks!

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    can someone send me an invite

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    Finally one that let's your voice do the texting for you- others just do emails - I can't wait for this!

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    I'm just gonna stick with Vlingo, so far that is working nice for me. But this sounds like a nice app, if I didn't have Vlingo I might try it.
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    there was a voice control sevice that they had on handango that i loved, they only had it set for emails thouh. you just pressed a button said what you wanted tosay (for emails and it would compose it all). I'm not thrilled with this
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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by flash24 View Post
    She's kinda hot

    Oh Yes... She is a Hottie.

    Cool lil service too.
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