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PRESS RELEASE: At a time when many U.S. commuters are being mandated to use hands-free ... Smartphone News forum

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    Dial2Do Announces New Partnership with JaJah


    PRESS RELEASE: At a time when many U.S. commuters are being mandated to use hands-free cell phones, Dial2Do, an Irish hands-free technology innovator, announced today they are partnering with JAJAH, the world's most innovative global communication company, to make a voice activated JAJAH call, text or conference - by simply speaking the words.

    How it Works
    Using Dial2Do, users simply call a local number (+1-213-325-2615 in the U.S.), say the word "JAJAH," and then select one of three JAJAH services--call, text or conference.
    -- To call a contact, say "JAJAH call"
    -- To send a JAJAH text message (SMS) say "JAJAH text"
    -- To set up a group call, say "JAJAH conference"

    For calls and conferences, JAJAH initiates the call to anyone in your Dial2Do address book and rings the caller back immediately to connect the call. The service is accessible on any phone and does not require any new hardware, software or download.

    The Dial2Do service is currently in private beta, but JAJAH users are being given a special invitation. Registered JAJAH users just visit, click "register" to begin and enter the code "dial2jajah." To register at JAJAH, just go to

    The calls or texts are powered by JAJAH's IP platform. Dial2Do uses the JAJAH API to set up a JAJAH call.

    "By using their voice, Dial2Do helps people get things done quickly and communicate. Now it's even easier and more affordable to keep connected by saying 'JAJAH' to use JAJAH's award-winning phone and text services," said Ivan Mac Donald, CEO of Dial2Do. "The sheer convenience of being able to make calls, send text messages and conference all hands-free, no matter your location, is a win for busy, mobile JAJAH users."

    "We are excited to work with Dial2Do and offer our 10 million users yet another way in which they can use JAJAH," said JAJAH Co-founder, Roman Scharf. "JAJAH makes it easier for people to stay in touch and now that our capabilities are voice activated with Dial2Do, making a global call or sending a message is as simple as dialing a number and saying your friends' name."

    In addition to making JAJAH calls, Dial2Do members can also make Twitter and Jaiku posts and send emails, all by voice command.

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    Cool application. I'd like to see this in action.
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