DDH Software is launched HanDBase 4.0, a major update to the top mobile database program. Many people get intimidated by the term "database", but HanDBase is simply the easiest way to create your own solution--whether you need to store and organize information for work or personal uses. HanDBase 4.0 is a very significant upgrade, with Vista support and more options for data filtering and synchronization, and with its cross platform functionality, you can exchange information with other users regardless of the type of device (Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian) they are using.

The press release follows this note, or you can go here for more information about the new version:

DDH Software Launches HanDBase 4.0, a Major Update to the Top Mobile Database for Personal and Business Use
New version delivers Vista support and more options for data filtering and synchronization

DDH Software, Inc. is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the announcement of a major update to its HanDBase relational database application for all top mobile platforms-including BlackBerry. Version 4.0 includes a host of new synchronization features, a deeper level of security, and a myriad of user interface and database design enhancements.

True to HanDBase's long reputation as a leading innovator among mobile databases, the new version includes a wide range of new enhancements, including the ability to synchronize databases stored on a memory card. HanDBase also now includes a "Smart Date" filter that enables users to view data in ranges such as "This Week," and "Next x Days."

With data security risks such as identity theft and business intelligence loss, the security of mobile data is of utmost importance. HanDBase is once again in the lead with its tight, yet practical and easy-to-manage security measures. In addition to 128 bit Safer-SK encryption, HanDBase 4.0 now offers an inactivity auto-close feature and encryption password caching, with HanDBase optionally remembering and recalling passwords for subsequent saves/closes of the database. This feature reduces the likelihood of users entering an incorrect password when re-encrypting and is also far more convenient.

Versions of HanDBase that support custom forms will find a host of new actions and features to make designing and using custom forms much more powerful. From adjustable form scaling on different devices, to the ability to make large paper-sized forms that scroll, to the ability to add images such as logos, backgrounds and even buttons, the list of new power and functionality is extensive. Finally, the addition of a forms design wizard in the newly redesigned HanDBase Forms PC Desktop enables the flexibility and sleekness of forms to be more accessible to even novice users.

"HanDBase 4.0 again sets the standard for mobile databases, with features deep enough for power business users in a wide variety of fields such as medicine, inspections, and education, yet easy enough for anybody to create and manage lists for their own needs," said David Haupert, president of DDH Software. "HanDBase is still the most flexible and inventive program available for handhelds--and it is always amazing to see the ingenious uses of HanDBase as users create their own mobile applications."