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    CTIA 09: T-Mobile is the 1st carrier to roll out LiveMedia Visual Voicemail


    Communology, a German software and solutions vendor specializing in client software for mobile communications, is showcasing a new product at the International CTIA Wireless 2009 convention in Las Vegas that will enable mobile network operators to offer subscribers visual voice mail services. Visual voice mail (VVM) is revolutionizing voice mail by providing access to messages through a convenient visual user interface that allows users to listen to and manage messages directly on their handsets and place return calls at the push of a button. Instead of calling their mailbox and working through the audio menu in the conventional way, users can access messages interactively through an easy-to-use visual user interface on their handsets. The key difference with this approach is that voice messages are no longer stored in an external mailbox. They are delivered to the phone by a push service and stored there in compressed files. This approach transforms voice messaging from a voice service to a data service.

    LiveMedia Visual Voicemail

    The visual voice mail solution that Communology is showing at the CTIA Wireless Convention in Las Vegas is a new addition to the company’s successful range of LiveMedia clients and builds on the same modular approach to application design that has already proven itself in interactive multimedia services and solutions like instant messaging, mobile TV, mobile social networking, infotainment, and mobile marketing campaigns. Communology’s LiveMedia platform combines modular functionality with the ability to integrate flexibly with third-party server components. Besides major mobile communications industry players like Sony Ericsson, Nokia, T-Mobile and Vodafone, customers using Communology’s LiveMedia clients include media companies like Astra. Mobile marketing references include global brands like Mercedes.

    As with all Communology products, the VVM client is a white-label solution. This enables mobile network operators – MNOs and MVNOs – to roll out a ready-made product that can be tailored to their specific requirements in terms of functionality, branding, or look and feel. Initially, the VVM client will be available for a variety of Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile end-user devices.

    “Mobile communications companies all over the world have shown considerable interest in visual voice mail and they’re looking for solutions that will enable them to deliver VVM services to a broad subscriber base,” says Communology CEO Thomas Kaehler.

    T-Mobile’s Visual Mobilbox

    The first company to deploy Communology’s visual voice mail client is T-Mobile in Germany. The mobile operator’s experiences with the concept of VVM have been positive. Thanks to Communology’s solution, T-Mobile will be able to roll out its Visual Mobilbox service for a range of Samsung, Nokia and RIM (BlackBerry) devices in the early summer of 2009. The service is to be offered as an option to prepaid as well as postpaid customers.

    “We looked for a software partner who would enable us to deliver our Visual Mobilbox to the marketplace quickly without compromising on our high quality standards. Communology’s proven LiveMedia platform and reputation as a quality leader convinced us,” said Markus Nimtz, Project Manager Client Development at T-Mobile. “It took us just six months together with Communology to realize this development project for T-Mobile-branded clients, allowing us to become the first mobile carrier in Germany to offer VVM services on a wider range of handsets.”

    About Communology

    Communology operates worldwide as a specialist in rich-media mobile communication applications, offering a flexible modular platform designed to simplify and support the creation of sophisticated applications. The company’s portfolio also includes test environments and services for quality assurance of standard software components in mobile devices. Communology customers include AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson.

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    This sounds great! Hope it comes to Tmobile USA relatively soon. I wonder how much this will cost.
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    That's almost shocking to think tmo is the first lol. Thanks Cherri for the info

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    That sounds really neat!
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    Hmmm, how is this different that Verizon's Visual voice mail that's already out?

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    I can't wait for that...

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