Smith Micro Software, Inc. demoed a preview of QuickLink Messenger, its Rich Communication Suite (RCS) client, at CTIA Wireless 2009. Derived from IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standards, and created by GSMA, RCS defines a set of interoperable rich media features that provide the user with an enhanced calling experience. Combining voice, chat, SMS, video, image, and file sharing in a single integrated client, QuickLink Messenger opens up a world of possibilities for users looking to share experiences with friends, family, and coworkers. Most importantly, these rich media features can be implemented in a way that provides a consistent and standardized experience across carrier networks and device platforms.

Centered on a presence-based address book, QuickLink Messenger allows users to seamlessly switch between voice, text, chat, and video depending on the capacities of their contacts. Users can manipulate their own presence settings, gaining an unprecedented degree of control to determine how they can be reached. Using QuickLink Messenger, for example, users can configure their device so that text is the only available contact method permitted while they are in a meeting. Smith Micro will be showing a preview version of QuickLink Messenger for both Windows and Windows Mobile allowing operators the opportunity to extend their services beyond the device onto the desktop. The Unified Communications client for Windows will allow users to access the same set of rich media features from their desktop PC as from their handsets.

"QuickLink Messenger establishes Smith Micro's industry leadership in the field of rich media communication clients," said William W. Smith Jr., President and CEO Smith Micro Software. "RCS is an important industry initiative that sets cutting edge technology in the context of an ecosystem that puts interoperability, and therefore user experience, at its heart."

Smith Micro is a leading provider of communications software for mobile devices. In addition to its QuickLink Messenger product, the company also provides a Fixed Mobile Convergence solution with QuickLink Voice. Currently shipping on both Windows Mobile and Symbian, QuickLink Voice allows calls to be routed via either WiFi or cellular networks, and to seamlessly handed off calls between networks without interruption.

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