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    CTIA 09: Skuku Launches App for its Revolutionary Roaming Mobile Solutions


    Skuku, ( an international communications company specializing in network based GSM roaming solutions, announced today at the CTIA Conference in Las Vegas the official launch of Skuku Mobile, a Wi-Fi application for mobile phones that will enable users to access Skuku’s revolutionary roaming service.
    Skuku launched a Beta version of the product at the Mobile World Congress in February and has been testing it in the US to ensure a smooth roll-out. The company is planning on introducing applications for Android, Symbian, iPhone and Blackberry by the end of 2009.
    Users with this service will be free to make and receive calls on their own phones without incurring any high roaming costs and will be allowed to retain mobile phone features such as contact lists, voicemail and text messaging.
    “The Windows Mobile application not only allows Skuku to reach out to larger international markets, but more importantly the launch of this application gives Skuku users “one-number one-rate” contactability anywhere in the world- whether in the GSM or IP environment- all from their own cell phones,” said Colin Blou, VP of Sales and Marketing for Skuku. “We anticipate a very strong market demand for this service and look forward to increasing the number of users who currently enjoy the savings we bring them.”
    In addition to the Windows Mobile application, the company has developed Skuku Roaming, a unique PC-based solution using a best-in-class USB handset or USB stick, which allows customers to place mobile calls and send text messages over Internet connections using their GSM mobile SIM card, significantly lowering costs for mobile subscribers.
    Customers who take advantage of Skuku’s solutions are only required to pay their local airtime charges when making and receiving calls to and from their home country. Additionally, Skuku users can continue to enjoy all the other features of their mobile phone, including contact lists and text messaging. Skuku products enable the placing and receiving of international calls from anywhere in the world at low IP tariffs, while calls are free between Skuku users.
    Skuku’s network is now live in 20 countries and is expected to reach 30 worldwide locations by the end of 2009. The company has recently succeeded in setting up servers in the USA, UK, France, Holland, South Africa, Turkey, Mexico, Israel, Lithuania, Palestine, Jordan and the Philippines.

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    Fantastic find. Thanks Hayden
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