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    CTIA 09: Movius Demos New Voice SMS Solutions


    Voice SMS - The convenience of SMS with the power of voice SMS has become the preferred method of communication for many mobile subscribers. With SMS, subscribers can communicate with each other quickly, and the recipient receives the message without the intrusion of a phone call. Despite its popularity, text has some significant limitations relative to voice communications. With voice, more information can be shared than SMS allows (character limitations). Additionally, voice provides greater ability to express emotion and intent than text does. Also, the text messaging capabilities of mobile devices are restricted to certain alphabets and characters thus limiting their use in certain cultures.

    These limitations can be overcome by integrating voice and SMS. With Voice SMS, a subscriber communicates by leaving a short message for the recipient. The experience is similar to SMS in that the recipient receives an SMS message but the content is actually a voice message, not text. By combining the fidelity of voice with the ease of SMS, subscribers can enrich their communications experience by choosing Voice SMS. Movius offers client and clientless Voice SMS solutions for both business users and consumers. Movius clientless version is simply known as VoiceSMS while the client versions are Fun Talk SMS and V2V SMS.

    V2V SMS
    Voice to Voice (V2V) SMS is a client-based Voice SMS solution targeted to business users and offers a rich set of Voice SMS features. To send a Voice SMS using V2V SMS, the subscriber clicks on the client from the handset, clicks the "send" button to record a voice message, enters the recipient's number or selects a contact from the address book, and sends the message. If the recipient is a V2V SMS subscriber as well, the voice message is delivered to the handset, thereby eliminating lengthy and costly voicemail retrievals. The recipient receives a SMS with the option to play the message. The recipient can choose to reply, save, delete, forward or erase the message.

    If the recipient is not a V2V SMS subscriber, he or she receives an SMS message with an access code to retrieve the voice message. To listen to a voice message, a subscriber simply clicks on the access number sent with the SMS notification or can dial the access number at a later time. Once in the voice message system, the recipient may have options to reply, delete, forward, etc. based on the COS (Class of Service) defined by the operator for the subscriber or non-subscriber. By offering an option to download the client, the solution lends itself to viral propagation.

    Fun Talk SMS
    Fun Talk SMS is an enhanced version of Movius' V2V client based solution. It allows a more personalized and entertaining communication experience by including the ability to customize and personalize the Voice SMS messages with Ringtones -- add a ringtone to the message that will play when the recipient receives the message, Avatars -- add an avatar to the message, and Music -- add background music or sound effects to a message.

    The user can select the options listed above from the list provided by the operator or download new ones from the operator's website. Other Fun Talk SMS subscribers will have the message downloaded on their phone and an SMS notification, while non-subscribers only receive an SMS with an access number to retrieve the voice message.

    VoiceSMS (clientless)
    With clientless VoiceSMS, to record a message, the subscriber dials his or her predefined unique number (short code plus the mobile number), enters the recipient's phone number, records the message and hangs up with the recording is complete. the recipient receives an SMS message with an access code to retrieve the voice message.

    Benefits of Voice SMS
    Regardless of the type of Voice SMS solution, subscribers will appreciate a number of benefits including --
    - Easy to use
    -- It is easier to send than SMS, expecially when multi-tasking
    -- Can be sent in any language
    -- Longer messages than SMS will allow
    - Recipients are not interrupted by messages and can retrieve the message at their convenience
    - Enables personalization and customization of messages - ringtones, avatars, music (Fun Talk SMS only)

    Read press release here

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    So its kind of like the voice file option on bb messenger? How long of a voice SMS can you send. It seems like a cool idea, but wouldn't you just call somebody?
    ~via smartphone

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    I gotta try this soon!

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

    My TORCH Rocks!

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