Intelligent Spatial Technologies, Inc. (iST), a technology leader in Location-based Mobile Search, will present at AT&T's fourth annual Fast-Pitch Consumer Application contest, which will take place at CTIA Wireless 2009 in Las Vegas on April 1 and 2. Hosted by devCentral, AT&T's official resource for development, the Fast-Pitch Consumer Application competition seeks to identify and reward innovation in wireless development--AT&T will award $70,000 in total cash prizes, with first-place winners in the consumer and enterprise categories receiving $25,000 and inclusion in an AT&T distribution channel. Two runners-up in each of those categories will win $5,000. The contest is open to developers so they can present new and exciting applications that may ultimately find their way into the handsets of AT&T's wireless customers. Fast-Pitch lets developers briefly present their applications to judges, who then decide if an application merits further consideration.

"Openness is about offering all of our customers great choices in applications, devices, operating systems and much more," said Mark Collins, vice president-Voice and Data Products, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "The Fast-Pitch contest helps us identify and encourage the best of our country's creative technical talent, so we can rapidly deliver the benefits of that creativity to our customers."

"iST is glad to be accepted as a presentor. I truly enjoy educating others and providing demonstrations of the iPointer. It is especially important for those in our value chain to understand what we do and that we are not simply theory but a working application" says Chris Frank, CEO. "I see the Fast Pitch comtest as a good forum to demonstrate the iPointer strengths and simplicity from the user perspective."

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