GoTV Networks, Inc., the industry’s largest mobile media network, today announced the launch of LiveFromYou, a new personal media application for mobile phones and social networks. LiveFromYou is a mobile and web product that enables users to share the stories of their lives in pictures, videos and words with friends and family on their social network page.

LiveFromYou automatically organizes pictures, videos, and other media for easy and instant sharing via an application widget loaded onto a user’s Facebook or MySpace page. LiveFromYou curates and organizes media, whether it is currently present on the user’s social network page or ready to upload from a collection stored on a desktop PC, digital camera or mobile phone. Media is automatically presented in chronological order, either individually or grouped in user-defined albums on the innovative LiveFromYou timeline. When geo-code data is present, the media items or albums are also viewable on a map.

LiveFromYou is now available for Facebook and MySpace. In one easy process users can load the application to their personal page. The LiveFromYou application widget automatically imports the media from a user’s social network profile. Designated friends and family can view life experiences in pictures, videos, text and audio as they occur. LiveFromYou provides security and privacy by only allowing media viewing by the designated individuals who have been given access to a user’s social network information.

Key Features:
Multimedia Sharing: LiveFromYou enables consumers to capture and immediately share their life in pictures, video, audio and text with their world via their social network page.

Easy Access: LiveFromYou can be accessed from mobile phones, social network applications or directly from the Web at

Instant Media Uploads: The LiveFromYou mobile application lets users upload pictures, videos, audio and text directly and instantly from their your mobile phone.

Timeline: LiveFromYou displays user media chronologically on an application widget loaded on a social network page. Memories of people, trips and events can are shared with friends and family in the order they happened.

Map / GeoTracking: The LiveFromYou application widget features a sophisticated mapping & geo-tracking ability to show where your pictures, videos, audio or text was captured. If media was not automatically geo-coded by a mobile phone or other device, the LiveFromYou user management page allows simple and quick geo-coding of media. Memories come to life where happened.

Security: LiveFromYou is consumer friendly and compliant with existing Facebook and MySpace privacy policies. Users control and own their content, sharing it only with designated friends through their social network page.