Cortado today announced its Cortado Corporate Server Professional, the new mobile application for BlackBerry smartphones. The new software scales to a maximum of 30 users.

The easy-to-use software enables BlackBerry smartphone users to securely access their company network files and folders, including shared drives and document management systems like SharePoint or SAP enterprise portal. In addition, users can print in original format to any Bluetooth-enabled or network printer, as well as send faxes. Users can also organize files stored on the company network with popular desktop functions such as copy, paste, cut, delete, rename and create new folders.

“An increasing dilemma for employees is staying productive while out of the office,” explained Christoph Hammer, Chief Technology Officer of Cortado, North America. “However, with Corporate Server Professional, mobile employees have up-to-date access to a variety of corporate data streams, such as customer information, corporate directories and reports. The new software offers a solution so that employees can become independent from the classic desk/office setup.”

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