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Just in: 11 JiveTalk giveaway winners & special announcement!... Smartphone News forum

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    Re: Contest #19: JiveTalk 10 license Giveaway!


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    Re: JiveTalk 1.0 License Giveaway - Contest Winners!

    Quote Originally Posted by kyububba
    JiveTalk 1.0 License Giveaway - Contest Winners!

    We would like to thank you all for taking the time to post entries and being loyal JiveTalk users. It was tough to only pick 10 winners... So we didn't, we picked 11. Here are the results:

    JiveTalk User License Winners:

    - deejaycaius
    - bartokbatt
    - jllama
    - BklynEddie
    - lux
    - krad

    JiveTalk Device License Winners:

    - billpena
    - fritter
    - juliejam
    - jdellasala
    - teamjordan

    Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you all for supporting JiveTalk!

    Winners, please send your name (first and last), email, and BlackBerry PIN to to claim your licenses.

    Members-Only Discount

    Also, we will be announcing a pinstack members only discount very shortly. More details to follow.
    Want to say THANK YOU to the Beejive team and to Hayden and for picking me as a License winners of one of the greatest BB programs!
    Thanks again guys!!!

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    Re: Contest #19: JiveTalk 10 license Giveaway!

    thanks again Beejive
    you guys are the best

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    Re: Contest #19: JiveTalk 10 license Giveaway!

    Congrats to all the winners

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    Re: Contest #19: JiveTalk 10 license Giveaway!

    Describe your favorite JiveTalk feature?
    My favourite feature would have to be the overall UI look and feel. I have tried some other IM clients, and the UI seems to be spot on with this product. It shows the relevant information without too much clutter. Also, some clients try to hard to look like the windows counterpart, and this usually makes for a muddied UI. JiveTalks's UI is clear and quick, and I like it. The quick short cuts and mulitple conversations at once is nice.

    Also, I like that it doesn't shut down the app when you back out, like some others I have tried do.

    Describe one feature you think is needed or needs improvement?
    I think the notification could use a little work. I would like to see a small icon at the top like when I have a BB message or such. Sometimes I get the flashing red light and I notice that I can't see what it is, then I look for JiveTalk and sure enough it is there. I have moved the icon to my top 5 so it shows up in my main view, and that helps, but overall the message icon would be nice.

    What goes with this would be interegration (option I guess) to merge the messages into the message view. I know other clients like the gTalk client do this, and I think people like myself would use that and it would draw us into JiveTalk more.

    How did you find out about JiveTalk?
    I first heard of it from Pinstack, and then shared it with all of my friends. It was a good product even early in beta, and once I need helped they replied very quickly. This was around the time they switched to using a random port and my BES disables that.

    What other IM software do you have installed on your BlackBerry?
    I have gTalk and trying eMSN (don't like this one really). I have seen IM+ on a friends BB, and after I showed him JiveTalk he dumped it (after paying them 50$ for IM+), so that is cool. BB Messenger of course, but everyone should have that one

    Approximately how many IM contacts do you have combined? (NOT including PIN contacts)
    I would say I have about 175 contacts spread mainly between MSN and GTalk, and a few on Yahoo. Only got one on AOL, so I don't log into that normally. I like that I can customize what account are logged into by default and the other are only a click away.

    Thanks JiveTalk team for great product! Please pick me as I recommend your product to everyone who I meet who has a BB.

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