There was a time not long ago when all versions of the Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry looked more or less the same. But in the last couple of years, our friends north of the border have ramped up their innovation skills with a slew of new models that include fresh designs and features, giving you the freedom to select a model that's just right for you. For newbies, the 7100 series may be a good place to start. All models offer a more consumer-friendly package with a compact design, as well as a modified keyboard, a speakerphone, and Bluetooth. For traditionalists, check out the BlackBerry 8700c for Cingular or the BlackBerry 8700g for T-Mobile. Both models offer EDGE support, Intel processors, and improved displays. Yet, no matter which model you choose, one thing you get with all BlackBerrys is push e-mail services--that way, you can access your messages at all times. - Read more