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~via BB (wap.pinstack.com)~ I hope the next Verizon berry will have bigger, original size keys like the 7250 instead of the Treo like keys on the 8703. I just like the classic berry form but with the new screen and bigger memory.
I'm with you 100% on the topic of key shape.

The keys on my 8700c are even worse than the Treo, as they are tapered on the inside, also from top to bottom, and that makes the top surface of the key very small and irregular. That, plus the vertical orientation makes this a miserable keyboard compared to the ones on the 7290 etc.

My 7130c on the other hand, has an excellent keyboard. It has normal keys designed for typing and speed. Very easy to use, as it should be.

Once I was patient enough to get accustomed to SureType, I really like it now. It's much faster than the 8700c keyboard and less typos.

That said, I'm really looking forward to the 8800 models as they appear to have normally shaped keys.

I think perhaps RIM was listening to the customers asking for regular keys as opposed to keys that are simply a styling element with no consideration for functionality.

After all, one of the BlackBerry's strengths is it's usefulness as an email device. With oddly shaped irregular keys, typing speed and accuracy go out the window.