We all are looking for ways to stay charged up on the go. As our smartphones get smarter they are burning through batteries faster than ever and while technology to make a slim battery last longer has been getting better, it just can't keep up with the demands of our devices. We have extended batteries, portable charging packs and cases, wireless charging options like powermat and wildcharge......but what if we had a charger that was powered by the very Wi-Fi hotspots we are living, working, or hanging out in? What if the battery itself had that technology?

Well RCA is working on that and demoed it at CES. The gadget is called RCA Airnergy and OhGizmo! got a brief video explanation:

The rep says the external charger should be released this summer in the $39-$49 range and they are still working on the battery itself but expect to release it for around the cost of an OEM battery. I think that the prices seem very reasonable especially if they really perform. There were no details about how long it would take the charger itself to charge but they said it charged a Bold from 30% to full charge in about 90 minutes. I wonder once they slim the technology down and get a real working battery just how fast or slow it will be. I will be watching out for this for sure and looking for more detailed performance specs.