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    CES: Wilson Electronics launch New iBooster Amps for iPhone & BlackBerry


    Wilson Electronics, the leading provider of quality amplifiers and antennas for cellular phones and data cards, today announced the launch of the iBooster™ plug and play cellular booster kit for 2G and 3G iPhones™. The amplifier line will also include a device designed specifically for the BlackBerry™ Curve. “Today’s Smartphone users have come to expect reliable voice and data service even in areas where geography or ‘urban canyons’ cause weak or unusable cellular signal coverage,” said Joe Banos, COO of Wilson Electronics. “The iBooster is the first device specifically designed to help the iPhone and BlackBerry user stay within reach and capitalize on the revolutionary features and benefits of the phones.”

    The iBooster and its external vehicular antenna increase the phone’s output power to the cell site and improves the phone’s ability to hear signals in weak signal areas. The iBooster helps users stay connected by reducing dropped calls, increasing data rates and allowing the completion of calls from those dreaded “dead spots”. The iBooster is designed for simple set up and can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.

    At the heart of the iBooster is Wilson’s bi-directional Smart Technology® signal amplifier with battery charging circuitry, designed around a convenient, phone specific ‘slip in’ cradle. A magnetic vehicular antenna is included with the kit. The cradle allows for hands-free operation when used with a phone compatible headset or Bluetooth® device. Design techniques developed over the past 10 years enable Wilson cellular amplifiers to deliver higher power and have better received signal sensitivity than competing solutions. The result is that Wilson Electronics’ cellular amplifiers and antennas empower users to stay within reach in both building and mobile environments.
    The iBooster line of amplifiers, including the device for the BlackBerry Curve, will be available in spring 2009 through authorized Wilson Electronics’ retailers.
    iBooster™ ©2008 Wilson Electronics
    The Wilson Electronics iBooster amplifier kit includes:

    • All-in-one amplifier, charger and cradle combo
    • Outside vehicular magnet-mount antenna
    • Cigarette lighter power adapter
    • Installation guide
    • 30-day, money-back guarantee and limited one-year product warranty

    About Wilson Electronics
    Wilson Electronics, Inc., a leader in the wireless communications industry for over 40 years, pioneered the design and manufacture of a variety of cellular amplifiers, antennas and related components that significantly improve cellular communications in mobile or in-building situations. Wilson has consistently led the industry in performance standards and holds a number of patents including the industry’s best and most reliable method of oscillation prevention and carrier cell site protection. Wilson’s designs consistently outperform the competition in real world performance. All Wilson products are engineered, assembled and tested in the company’s headquarters in St. George, Utah. Wilson amplifiers fully comply with FCC regulations for cellular devices and are FCC and Industry Canada type accepted. For more information, visit

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    Cant wait to see how these work! Might have to buy me one of these!

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

    My TORCH Rocks!

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    I second that th~via BB (

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    Mmmm could be handy in my house.
    ~via BB (

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    Good Try
    Nice this is gonna be a something wicked, thanks Hayden

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