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    CES: HTC Brings the S740 Smartphone To the U.S.!

    Advertisement "While touch-screen smartphones like Apple's iPhone 3G and Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm are popular, many business users just want a slim handset that makes typing out messages easy and quick.

    With this is in mind, HTC is bringing its S740 smartphone to the United States, and its small size and powerful features could make it attractive for mobile professionals.

    Physically, the S740 bears a slight resemblance to the HTC Touch Pro, but the S740 isn't as wide and doesn't have a touch screen. At about 1.7 inches, the smartphone looks like a skinny remote control. The handset does have a bit of bulk to make room for the slide-out, four-row keyboard, but at 4.9 ounces it's not too heavy.

    Powered by Windows Mobile 6.1, the handset is capable of receiving push corporate e-mail and instant messaging on the go. The S740 comes preloaded with Pocket Office, so users can view Word, Excel, Outlook, and PDF files on the handset."

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    Very attractive in appearance. Pocket Office and PDF are impressive.
    Thank you Hayden

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    Hi Hayden - I had the opportunity to test one, here in Portugal, and had it with me for 2 weeks. The slide out keyboard is a positive as well as the Pocket Office - I definitely did not like the Smartphone OS (not as quick or as intuitive as BB or Windows Mobile 6 Pro of the Touch series). I had serious problems with a 8Gb Micro SD (it became terribly slow opening programs) and the looks of the phone are great until the first scratches start to apprear on the screen. Nevetheless, it fits well in a pocket and the slide keyboard is comfortable for intense typing. The screen is small and in sunlight is a no-no. And reading documents (PDF and especially Xcel) its a bit tiring to be able to see all text or to go in and out of zoom. Pity the software...
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