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Originally Posted by PiMPSP Thanks, greatly appreciated...and your track record proves it's self once again... ... Smartphone News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by PiMPSP View Post
    Thanks, greatly appreciated...and your track record proves it's self once again... mine can be found here...more pics below and before anyone can jump on it and say "those aren't yours"...ur right their not..they are Banthon's...but it add's to the factor that when mentioning and trying to prove a point in a speak louder then words..especially since their been TONS of rumors floating around forever with NO ONE bringing real hard facts to the table...other then the first breaking news from Joshua on BGR and the hands on with 4.3 that was posted on crackberry.

    What about free memory?
    BB8900 is mine!

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    About 17.5MB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtx View Post
    why would RIM concentrate on developing an OS for 10% of the market? GSM always get phones and updates first. It's to be expected that they will concentrate on getting GSM updates out, then work on CDMA afterwards.
    What needs to be done is that Research In Motion (RIM)--along with every other handheld OS developer--must centralize their development process into one tight, cohesive gathering of it's planning, development, and implementation staffs, including CDMA carriers as an equal player in the development cycle.Additionally, all OS release candidates should be completely uniform across all GSM and CDMA networks, with standard feature sets, processor types, and memory use parameters.What RIM should also do is use their industry position as the global leader in secure corporate email services to influence carriers to accept standard feature sets so that end users don't have to scramble around, looking for alternate solutions for desired features, especially GPS and Multimedia Messaging capability.Put directly, the carriers should provide the high speed data network, and handheld makers should provide the handheld features, with the carriers staying out of the way of feature development.Carriers must focus on making their data transport methods faster for the handhelds that use their network, and not block native feature sets, like Multimedia/Picture message sending and GPS access.Carriers must not impose limits on what kind or amount of data get transported over their network. That should be sprcific to the handheld being used, and all handhelds should conform to industry standards for audio, video, and data transport methods already in use.Carriers must stop using and be discouraged from implementing any type of "walled garden" approach to development on any handheld device, as well.All development API's should be accessible to anyone who wants to write software for the plsatform in use. The carrier should conform to standards and stay focused solely on constantly improving their network's data transport methods, maintaining data transparency on the network--not inducing any kind of data-type blocking agents--and leaving the type of data transported up to the end-user on the handheld side.In short, carriers must ramp-up their network handling capacity, RIM and other makers of handhelds need to get out of the "64MB Zone," ramp up their handhelds with high amounts of memory and data processing abilities, and get rid of older technology still-n-use--EDGE and 1XRTT for instance.The FCC, along with Congress, should disallow EDGE and 1XRTT at this late date, forcing carriers to utilize 3 and 4G and EV-DO and EV-DO+ speed types (or even faster types), and get the industry out of the slumo in which it's been stagnating for the past ten years.Warm Regards,Firefishe

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