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  • YES! I so need a BREAK!

    91 13.00%
  • NO! The withdrawals would be deadly!

    447 63.86%
  • MAYBE! I might try just one night ...

    162 23.14%
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I couldn't do it. My how the times have changed. I think most people are ... Smartphone News forum

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    I couldn't do it. My how the times have changed. I think most people are more likely to turn their car around and get there phone than they are to get their wallet if they forget it!?
    Once you go Black(berry) you'll never go back!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ventz View Post
    See, I fixed the problem of making my loved ones feel neglected, by buying my girlfriend a blackberry now she is just as addicted, and we both have our BBs in bed

    ~via BB (
    Its the way to go. I was always gettn dirty looks from the gf being on my pearl. So I got her the new pink pearl. Problem solved. Now because of bbm I'm startn to feel my gf is in my pocket all the time! Lol its all good! We talk on bbm more than we do on the phone. We even fight on bbm when we have an argument and I find its better cause we can vent freely without the other interupting

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkast1 View Post

    The day my 7105t died

    I told you one day you'd be using a BB with a trackball LMAO

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    No way. I couldn't never without it. I could drive a hundred miles and I would turn around for it. I have to have my BB

    ~via Lavaberry (

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    NO!!! I lose a lot of sleep as it is but I love my blackberry. I'm in chruch right now shhhh

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    No! It's sad really. It's kind of like smoking. I can't remember what life was like before it. I know I had other phones, (and could breathe normal, run, etc) I just don't remember...

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    i too am totally addicted to my pearl never leaves myside......then a couple weeks ago the sales rep. from the company i buy my paint from came in and showed me his new phone guess what it was it was a pearl 8130 from verizon i think its the 8130 but anyways he was telling me since he got it ( at the time he had it for about 5 days) he said couldnt put it down so im sure by now its probably sleeping between him and his

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    4 me, leaving without my bb some days wouldn't affect too much.
    I read the news and stuff, and its really helpfull my google maps, but just that.

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    I was without my device (sk lx) then had nothing but voice for a week when I switched over and thought I was going to die lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by lraed74 View Post
    Giving up the BB for one night? What kind of sick people think up these things?
    This was the best answer I've seen so far. :-)

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    I voted yes, simply because I've already been forced to go days without my blackberry. I had some financial issues a couple months ago which forced my phone bill to go unpaid. Long story short my phone got shut off for a period of about a month and a half before I got service back. It was hell for the first week, I was at a loss for words as to how to even tell my buddy I was outside to pick him up for class. It was terrible. But I got over it.

    And then I got my phone back.. and I matched my usual monthly text amount in about two days. I've more than Quadrupled it since then, it'll be a week Monday evening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherrichiodo View Post
    I ran across this article tonight and I have to admit that I relate 100% to the author
    Just came across this thread - Thanks cherrichiodo - a great reminder for me to look up & away from my Laptop & BlackBerry, at least for a few seconds ....

    Kudo's for your creativity & great work. Your themes, web page & content are very impressive!

    via: BlackBerry 8310

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    I went to this family gathering and buried myself in the browser and IM, until suddenly, THE BATTERY DIED! At first I acted out as if I did not care, one hour late I was asking everyone if somebody had a BB/Motorola razr charger, two hors later I was just desperate to get out of there. Sad but true... I already have 3 chargers guess I dont have enough LOL

    ~via BB (

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by vonyo View Post
    Me with no blackberry is like a iphone with no bugs.....neva happen'n.
    Very nice analogy.

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    Are you crazy? When I die please "Berry" me with my Blackberry!

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