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We need that in TX!!!!... Smartphone News forum

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    We need that in TX!!!!

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    Texting while driving IS worse .. cuz um .. when i do it, i pay less attention to the road then i do when im talking on the phone and i drive a manual, lol

    Maybe vlingo can curb that part, lol

    Im trying to find a good BT speakerphone to use in the car, dont care for BT ear pieces anymore.
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    I need to get me one of those, thanks for the heads up Cherri!

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    I just got a Motorola T305 BlueTooth speakerphone thingy from Amazon, $53.99. Clips on the sun-visor, works great with my BB Pearl 8100. Field testing reveals most folks say it sounds fine. I can't stand wearing the clip on the ear headsets, so this works for me. Check it out!

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    just ask
    I'm on a Samsung WEP 410. It seems to work fine for me and I haven't gotten any complaints yet. For the most part I usually issue jawbones to my users. I work in Portland but live in Washington and if I remember correctly starting next month we are all required to use some sort of headset device if we are to be utilizing cell phones.

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    though we should note that cell-phone use during driving has already passed as law in a few places, ordinance against driving while on a cell phone has already been passed since 1999 (Brooklyn suburb, cleveland ohio) 1st offence being $250 (more than a speeding ticket here WTF!)and then Marlboro, NJ and still people drive while on the phone. Bans have also been placed in Brazil, Israel, Italy, Japan, Spain and United Kingdom.

    FYI trucker slang for people on the phone while driving is "Four Wheel Phone Booth" or "booth on wheels" -courtesy my uncle who complains about them constantly LOL

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    Truckers have been CB'ing for years. They should be exempt. They dont need to dial numbers, just push a button or change a channel every now and then.

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    What is the most comfortable, loudest headset that doesn't look ridiculous? I'm going to have to spring for a headset because of this law, though I think the law is pointless and won't help a thing! I can't stand talking to people that have cheap or poor quality headsets, so the last thing I want is to end up being one of the people I don't like talking to. Any suggestions??

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    the moto H700 is an antequated piece of crap, works great in quiet environments, but, otherwise, it's near worthless in my experience...

    add the Jabra BT8040 to the list, it's what I carry now and is an amazing headset, stacked against the Moto H12 (rediculously expensive headset) the sound quality is better, noise reduction is MUCH better, and, to top it off, the Jabra BT8040 has A2DP to Mono Headset so I can have a tiny little headset, and listen to my music instead of other annoying noises
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    Bluetooth sales have definitely gone up in our store. I'm personally using a Blueant z9i and other than some interference while on UMA this little headset is absolutely amazing.

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    Here in Chicago they passed a no cell phone use law awhile back. And I don't of anyone personally that has gotten a ticket for it, but thay will ticket your *** if you are driving recklessly or get in an accident while on your phone. Whenever I use my BT it is a great help but even with the no cell phone while driving law in effect you can still get a ticket if you are talking into a BT. The police consider it "a distraction". Plus, if you are ever in a legal battle over an auto accident the first think the lawyers look into is to see you were intoxicated or on your phone. So BT is bot the definite answer to the new cali law.

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    Saw an article on CNN. Apparently this is how it will be:
    • 17 and younger are not allowed to speak on their cell phones while driving at all.
    • 18 and older are not allowed to speak on their cell phones unless it is through a hands-free headset or speaker.
    What I found odd was that they made a law against speaking on the phone using your hands, but they did not make texting while driving illegal.

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    ATT store whre i am located is constantly out of the jawbone 2.. everytime they have a delivery, its gone w/in a day... i had to return to the store a couple of times when i had to return my jawbone... btw, i also hooked up my car with the Pioneer FH-P800BT... cool device! very very good investment!!! you just hop in to your car, it automatically pairs up with the phone... no hassle

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