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BlackBerry sales could get a boost from the results of security tests carried out on ... Smartphone News forum

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    BlackBerry wins Fraunhofer security approval


    BlackBerry sales could get a boost from the results of security tests carried out on the mobile email system by a leading research institute.

    BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) said that the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology has issued a security certification for the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for Microsoft Exchange.

    Certification confirms that the Fraunhofer Institute found no hidden functionality or back doors in the software, and that neither RIM nor any other third party has access to data stored within the system.

    However, the tests do not imply that the BlackBerry is completely secure, simply that the Fraunhofer Institute researchers were unable to find any weaknesses.
    "Security evaluation is largely about negatives, but if you look hard and can't find any vulnerabilities, that's a good thing," said Ovum principal analyst Graham Titterington.

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    iPhone? No?

    Awesome job RIM.
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    and this is why you want to have your blackberrys

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