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    BlackBerry Storm Costs More To Make Than iPhone

    Advertisement Research In Motion's first touch-screen BlackBerry is more expensive to make than its rivals, according to a breakdown by iSuppli.

    The company said the BlackBerry Storm costs about $203 to make, compared with the $173 it costs Apple to make an iPhone 3G. The most expensive part of the Storm is the $35 Qualcomm chip, which could make the Storm available in more countries eventually because it can use GSM and CDMA networks. The iPhone is currently only available for GSM networks.

    The Storm often gets compared with the iPhone 3G because both handsets sport a large touch screen, have messaging, and feature strong multimedia capabilities. The major difference between the two is the input method, as Apple's smartphone utilizes a capacitive touch screen capable of multitouch manipulation. The Storm's touch screen uses SurePress technology, and the customer has to physically push down on the screen for input. RIM took this approach because it wanted a more tactile feel, which would make sending messages more familiar to BlackBerry users.

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    Always interested in this kind of info. Thanks Cherri

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    The Storm definitely has more technology squeezed inside it. Once RIM gets everything working seamlessly, then we can say it lives up to such value.

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    Of course the storm cost more to make. Look how much Iphones has been returned because they went dead. My co-worker is on his third Iphone 3G, and another friend of mine is on his 5th.
    I always say, you get what you pay for....

    Like Hayden said; "More technology squeezed inside it"
    Thanks for the article Cherri; your outstanding in my book.
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