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from one of my favorite news outlets, The Examiner Being candid, I know as much ... Smartphone News forum

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    Blackberry still has the Mojo


    from one of my favorite news outlets, The Examiner

    Being candid, I know as much about investing as Congress knows about honesty, integrity and popularity. So with this disclaimer aside, I was stunned when I read the quote below in an article that appeared just after RIM posted their financial results.
    "Pushed by poor market conditions and a surge in smartphone competition, the Canadian technology giant posted earnings of US$495.5-million, or US86˘ a share, on sales of US$2.58-billion. Wall Street analysts targeted US87˘ in earnings per share and sales of US$2.59-billion."
    I get it, they missed analyst projections by a penny, but on the other hand they posted earnings of 495.5 million dollars at a time when other companies are posting losses. Adding insult to injury, some "experts" are fretting over the launch of new Blackberry devices.
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    They are fretting over everything but $495.5 Mill, I guess greed would make them say that. BB profits are huge and they are going beserk over a penny. Sorry, BB's aren't gonna save the economy but my curve sure helps me read about, lol...

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    haha great read

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    just ask
    Any news is always good news!

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    You have to look at everything being relative - it wasn't that the earnings were bad, but prices are adjusted based on all information available. The earnings were basically already priced in.

    Additionally, the drop was more due to the future earnings that RIM expects. Those were lower than market expectations (probably because businesses will be looking to slim down soon).

    Once the Storm comes out, look out though....RIM will be a strong buy IMO.

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    Someone needs to set em straight!

    Carpe Diem!!


    Check this out!!! Mobiletropolis

    My TORCH Rocks!

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