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Very informative. Thanks... Smartphone News forum

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    Very informative. Thanks

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    I can sense somewhat of a bias towards the iphone from the author but, from a user standpoint, if you want fun and games, yeah for sure iphone with its 3d graphics, but what a blackberry can do, iphone cant compare

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    I find it interesting that it is constantly assumed that the IPhone is more innovative than any BB. I would disagree. The critical features of a BB are (as suggested by previous posters) the fact that 3rd party software can be developed; to fix any annoyances overlooked when it was created. Openly outsourcing support to anyone who wants to do it shows far more reliability and confidence in your product. Everyone thinks that touchscreen and motion sensors are outrageously cool. If I remember correctly, my public library had a touch screen system in the early 90s, and motion sensors may be new to the consumer market but the technology is not new at all.

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    Sorry berry wins iphone fails. In the corporate world iphone is a toy not a productivity tool.Far as I can see RIM is the clear winner when it comes to optomizing outlook and lotus notes. iPhone can only do so much. Lack of IT policy in the pop realm leaves many with a toy rather than a tool to keep business moving.
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