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Originally Posted by mjwood0 I wish you the best of luck with the Palm. I ... Smartphone News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjwood0 View Post
    I wish you the best of luck with the Palm. I used a friends for a day (we switched phones just for the fun of it) and frankly, it's a great device. But for sitting down and actually pounding out text messages or emails, they keyboard was simply not up to my standards.

    Then again, I have somewhat large calloused fingers so that doesn't help.
    LOL I will still be around here to help others just using a different device for awhile (I may or may not come back to a BB. Too soon to tell yet). I have used SideKicks and other phones before. I have had difficulties with others but not to where I have had a dozen over 4 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moderncowboy View Post
    I guess after reading through the post on this. I only have one question. If there are those of you that have such issues with BB then why still use or own it? There must be something keeping you around. As far as memory leaks battery drains and all of that. It to me is a non issue and my guess is its operator caused and not the device itself. Every issue I have come across has basically been caused by me and after a little research I have been able to fix it.
    the 8320 curve comes packed with apps out of the box and that's why there are endless threads on here about messages and call logs disappearing. wasn't RIM thinking? this is a smart phone.. it needs MEMORY for important crap and apps!!! do all people have the time to "do research" and whatnot on how to NOT make their bb run like crap? it's also a business oriented phone. business, like time, is fleeting.. that itself gives even less time to nitpick.

    as for why i still have one, it's because at the time i got one, i was a blackberry fanboy. now i just don't care anymore. unfortunately, i'm still tied to a 2-year contract. but if it wasn't for that and the fact that i loathe at&t, i'd be walking around with an iphone faster than you can say Mac > PC.

    on top of that, i've already done all the stupid research to not make this thing run fairly well for what i need it to do, and i figure i might as well try and help those that want their bb to not run like crap while i'm stuck with it.

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    Let me start off with I've used BB for 4 yrs and hv had 8 phones, the first 3 were 7290's then I went to the 8700g after that it was the 8800 and now the Bold.

    The first 7290 did hv a problem right out of the box it kept shutting down every so often so after 3 days I call the service provider and they sent a replacement, looking back now with what I know the issue could hv been fixed with reloading the software. The next 2 were my doing, a drop here or there and the occasional slam after a ruff business call.

    The 8700 I went to was a upgrade again I had a software issue several after upgrading and a replacement was sent.

    Then I upgrade 2 years ago to the 8800 had it for almost a year and had a track ball problem and after a call a replacement was sent.

    Now I just upgraded "AGAIN" to the Bold.

    This all may sound like a bad post against BB with so many replacement but just remember the BB I use are for business we get the protection plan for our phones so what person if a issue came up would not "get their monies worth" of course while it is insured GET IT REPLACED, plus my phones are not handled with "kitt gloves" they are used and abuse I still hv the 7290, gave it to my son, it has been thru the washer and dyer twice now and still works perfect, my 8700 I gave to my daughter and she has broken the front protection screen a crack all the way across and it is still working and as for my 8800 I am still using it as a back up for the Bold.
    So the way I see it you can not compare the iphone to bb because they are not used in the same way it would be like trying to take a stock car and racing it the Indy 500 you wouldn't get but a few laps before having to replace it because of they way it was being used, do you think for REAL if the iphone was put thru the same paces the BB goes thru every day in the business world it would have the numbers I THINK NOT. The iphone is media toy, "like toy poodle" and the BB is work horse, no comparison in my book.

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    ASK ME
    I was gonna say the same thing. Its not always the phone's fault

    ~via BB (

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    Hmm. I am and have been a BB user for many years now. Done no more with an iPhone than play with it in a store so far. But to me the point is already made. The "Blackberry is less relaible than the iPhone" headline was sucessful in making the news - as was another recent article about RIM being overtaken in the market by Apple. It's only the headlines people remember, not the post mortem.

    Personally I think the iPhone seems very well made. Blackberry's have been variable. The Bold seems like a 'goodun' as far as I can tell. For the moment I'm sticking with RIM, as the ultility of the iPhone isn't right/good enough for me yet. At some point later it might be better. My first MP3 player wasn't an iPod. My current one is.

    Competition is good for consumers :-)

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    But BB has twice the software of IPhone...
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    I can't attest to any hardware failure rates. I've had my Pearl 8100C for almost 2 years now. It's been through a lot, as far as I'm concerned. I've dropped it multiple times in the past, have used it quite a bit in the rain (albeit in a rain coat), and it took a ride on a car roof.

    I think hardware failure rate is all about how the phone is protected, depending on the user. I'm out in the field a lot for my job, and I certainly require some added accessories. I have a rubber phone skin, and a BSE total body skin.

    The only malfunctions I've run into during my almost 2 year use, have been with the microphone, and memory leaks.

    The microphone failure was an easy fix, after opening up the phone, and re-seating it. And the failure occurred directly after I dropped my phone.

    The memory leaks are a huge pain, at times. I'm generally pretty lucky with that, sometimes not. I usually have to do a battery pull every 2 weeks or so. Quite a bit of the memory leak issues are probably from sub par 3rd party programming as well, as far as I understand.

    Some users can live with RIM's device issues, and some cannot. Hopefully OS has 4.6 addressed some of the issues. If not, RIM, and it's developers need to either collaborate on a new OS version and make some major improvements upon customer complaints, or work out any existing application coding issues.
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    I cant say I am surprised, I was never impressed with the older blackberries. I always thought they were very cheap in build quality. Definitely not as good as any number of my other smartphones. But I am sure that figure will come down with the release of the Bold. Bold is definitely a better build. Still not as good as my E71... but definitely a HUGE step up from the curve or 8800.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vandoo View Post
    Maybe, it's because Blackberry have twice the feature of the Iphone

    Dont think so!

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    Jesus! Enough you guys make it seem like somebody said something about your mama's!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrgonz454 View Post
    Jesus! Enough you guys make it seem like somebody said something about your mama's!
    "What you talking about Willis?!?!"


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    Quote Originally Posted by tnlf11 View Post
    Don't get me wrong, I think iphones are sweet, but that's all they are. Cool, expensive toys. Like mjwood said, people will baby them a little more so they can show them off. I've been a bb user for a bout 5 years now and mine goes through hell no matter how hard I try to baby them. Running to catch a train while emailing the boss, your bound to drop it once or twice. And, because we depend on our bb's more, of course we gonna nitpik more if there is something wrong with them. Just my opinion, but usually you buy a blackberry cause you need it. You buy an iphone because you want what everyone else has. Still a cool phone but not as demanding as a BB.

    AMEN, THANK YOU!!! And yes I agree with every single thing that you said!! Of course, when you NEED a phone for your day to day LIFE (especially if you're a workaholic like I am!) then you are going to get TEN THOUSAND times more ticked off, make a complaint, gripe, scream yell, etc, etc (ok temper problems here lol) than the person who is just using the phone for their personal use.

    This was a pathetic excuse for a report. No facts to back anything up, it was almost like reading something out of the National Enquirer!

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