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Can you become a genuine "Crackberry Addict" in a little less than a month? Approximately ... Smartphone News forum

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    The Blackberry Experience: from "New User to Crackberry Addict" in 28 days?


    Can you become a genuine "Crackberry Addict" in a little less than a month? Approximately 28 days to be exact. PinStacker Brenda will do be keeing track with 4 interviews the first starting on Sunday 12/24/06 a full week after the receipt of a user's first Blackberry. -- You can track her while she BBlogs the "Crackberry" addiction in progress at

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    This outta be good. Can't wait till day 29.

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    Anyone here can tell you with blackberry snything is possible~via BB (

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    ~via BB (
    Yes. It's very easy to get addicted to a bb.

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    ~via BB (
    Wrong! They say the first sign of addiction is DENIAL! Which I do NOT!
    So put that in yer pipe and smoke it

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    This is a great idea Brenda. This will be a lot of fun.

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    I can't wait to see how fast someone does or doesn't become aquainted with with their bb.
    At least they have a lot of support.
    All they need do is ask and I'm sure someone can help.

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    I bought my 87032e on Dec 8 through Verizon, since then I have read and joined four BB forums online, researched BB software and accessories, and quickly become a crackberry addict. Here's some proof - on days 4, 5 and 7 of owning the device I feel asleep with it in hand in bed. From a software perspective, I installed Pinstack Launcher, Fidelity Launcher, Berry411, GMail App, GoogleMaps, BBMaps (in hopes that VZW will unlock GPS for me someday), GCalSync, BB Messenger,Opera Mini, create a Theme using tools found on PinStack, created my own ringtones from mp3 files, downloading several songs just to have a few on my BB, and of course added several free games from the BB website (my favs being bass fishing and klondike). I have added over 45 to my BB Contact list, of which only 2 are people I have ever met, and I haven't even started adding people I know who have a BB. I also just finished the Google Talk install with Psi and Jabber configuration on my PC so I know have a 'one-client' install on my BB for YahooIM, AIM, and MSN along with GTalk. I should confess that I was a Treo user prior, so I grew up on the 600, then to the 650. But I never IMd on my Treo, and really used it for email and playing mp3. I will say. I know feel compelled to buy a iPod, but that may just be an extension of now owning the best-of-breed PDA Phone. The Treo was a jack of all trades/master of none, the BB is king of what we all first wanted a BB for, communication in one package. Oh yeah, and I have only reset my device twice I believe, once for the BBWeather install and another time just to see how short I could capture the life run time. Either way this device does not crash like my Treo did (daily if not hourly).

    Am I a crackberry addict?

    My wife sure thinks so....

    -via BB (

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    ~via BB ( waiting. I'm new to the bb, so ill be patient.

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