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Per , yesterday AT&T was having issues and might be ongoing. AT&T is currently ... Smartphone News forum

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    Per, yesterday AT&T was having issues and might be ongoing.

    AT&T is currently experiencing a Texas-area data outage. It appears to have started today at 9:40AM CST. AT&T Support was not able to provide an accurate ETA.
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    Tmo 8320 and Atlanta, just sent myself a test email and no problems so far. However did experience some problems with BBM yesterday with the messeges not going thru right away and out of orders

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    hit me in south texas last night around 10pm cst and all of my companies BB's from 8am-3pm.

    called att and they where no help, sorry but without your social we cant tell you if we are having an outage in your area. how stupid is that!
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