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The BlackBerry Certification Program helps validate the BlackBerry skills required to succeed in the wireless ... Smartphone News forum

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    BlackBerry Certification Program Debuts at WES


    The BlackBerry Certification Program helps validate the BlackBerry skills required to succeed in the wireless world. Becoming certified is an ideal way to advance your career and stay up-to-speed with ever-evolving technology trends. It also sets you apart as the recognized expert contributor your colleagues can count on for advice.

    BlackBerry Certification can help you to:
    • Advance your career
    • Validate your knowledge
    • Strengthen your contribution
    • Build your expert reputation
    Your opportunity is now. Are you ready?
    Visit to review more details and how BlackBerry Certification can benefit you.

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    Excellent I hope I have the opportunity to take it while I'm there.
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    You lucky dog you. I wanted to go so badly this year. This will be great if you can get certified. ~via BB (

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    Thanks for the post Hayden, but what I don't undastand is that you can't take the certification exam if your not in the uk or the united states. The blackberry is gone global now. how would people in other parts of the world get to write the certification exams

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    I wish I could go to WES... Even thought of going there, just to take the tests.

    I want the tests and I want them now!!!

    ‹_› ‹(•ż•)› ‹_›

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    Please forgive me if this is off topic..... I've downloaded the PDF of the BIS User Guide to help me get a leg up for BCP-210, is there anything else (legit) I should be looking at to study for that particular exam?

    And Codeft you can take the exams outside the US and UK, you go to the BB Technical knowledge center( and click "Support Programs" and when that menu opens up select "Blackberry Certification Program" That will start you on the path to getting the info you need to find a testing center near you (there's about four in Perth Western Australia where I'm at and there TONS of other places on the list so I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a center pretty close to home). Hope that helps a bit at least!

    EDIT: OMG I just noticed that the previous posts are a year old... LMAO! Teach me to post in a thread at work when I'm brain dead!
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