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The carrier wars could be solely based on price and customer service, but not with ... Smartphone News forum

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    The carrier wars could be solely based on price and customer service, but not with the current incompatible networks we're saddled with in the US.
    Since Qualcomm simply can't design a radio with decent battery usage, I say make it all GSM and put in the necessary equipment to fill the coverage gaps for all those folks who use Verizon or Sprint because AT&T or T-Mo just don't work where they live.

    It'd let companies focus on a single radio platform and RIM wouldn't need to worry about having to develop 2 or 3 versions of the same device. No Vendor locks would be too much to ask at this stage, but it'd be nice to just move your SIM to a different device.

    RIM could simply drop a new model on all the networks at once, leaving Apple with it's silly exclusivity deals behind in favor of an all fronts assault. They could do this now, but they'd need to ramp up their concurrent development and release a CDMA and GSM device at the same time, which they've yet to accomplish.

    As for AT&T getting more exclusives, there's likely a few factors in play.
    AT&T is able and more importantly willing to pay RIM to the money to lock in a device to AT&T for however long. T-Mobile seems less willing and/or capable of this, although if they worked a unified deal worldwide, they could easily get a leg up, since AT&T doesn't have that unified global presence.

    Imagine, "Blackberry 8900, available now, world-wide, exclusively on T-Mobile. <T-Mo Chimes> Get some!" I know all the T-Mo fans out there would eat that up.

    However, they're not doing that for whatever reason. Instead going for the 8220, which to be honest is a real niche product and not something that will boost RIM's market share in a significant way.

    Verizon could, if it wanted to, throw money at RIM to get them to release a CDMA device before it's GSM equivalent, but honestly, it'd have to be a metric buttload to get RIM to basically blow off the global GSM market for a CDMA device, even if it was a "world edition". BTW, they need to kick Vodafone in the pants to get some more roaming agreements stat. We had a partner switch from Verizon to T-Mo (which as I've written before, is all but useless in our location) because his 8830 doesn't work in the Bahamas. He didn't call so we could tell him that before he left, but that's a tale for another thread.

    In any case, Verizon, either by choice or by necessity, keep plodding along pimping the network itself and gimmick devices usually from LG. The Strorm is getting the same treatment, and its' touch screen may be the mega-gimmick Verizon's been waiting for to compete with the iPhone. The bold will do that a bit for AT&T, but not enough to tick off Apple. Once a GSM Storm comes out, Apple will probably be onto their next new thing, unless RIM can pull of some real magic and release it in less than 12 months after the CDMA version.

    Sprint on the other hand is always the last one to show up for the party. Their phone selection is anemic, their plans are unappealing for the most part, and all their advertising is tied up in NASCAR and letting their CEO talk to us like we weren't gadget freaks who coudln't figure out how our phones work. They could bring RIM into that captive audience, but they've failed to do so. They face the same problem Verizon does with getting CDMA devices released first, but with a lot less ability to influence the situation. My personal cell is with Sprint and I'm only staying because the phone just won't die (it's 10 years old now). Once it does, I will likely bail to AT&T or Verizon.

    Coming back to AT&T, I'm sitting here with a Bold and a 957 in front of me. That for me pretty much explains why AT&T may get more exclusives. Back then our devices came from RIM, Aether and Motient, all companies which, in 2001 you'd ask, "Who the hell are they?" if mentioned. The first carrier of note (at least around here) to offer the Blackberry in both styles was Cingular. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mo didn't really get on board until the 6000 and 7000 series, but in those days, the 957 was the workhorse. We had a bunch of 850's but phased them out once we realized our users are digital pack rats and will fill any devices memory given time.

    Eventually, the newer models came out and price, as it usually does, decided which carriers devices we went with. T-Mo & Verizon tend to undercut AT&T more often than not, so we went between T-Mo 7230's and Verizon 7700's and 7750s. At one point or another we were an equal split among those three, but we had a lot of T-Mobiles because they would give us free devices and free, but lousy service beats inexpensive and works well every time. Still Cingular was a constant presence, and we were quite happy to deploy 7290's by the dozen. (ah, the salad days of BB Deployment Overtime... )

    The point being that AT&T & RIM have had a very long relationship from back in the glorified pager days, to today's glorified pager in a cell phone in an MP3 player. That's got to factor in somewhere, as RIM probably would have fizzled out if they hadn't gotten Cingular to take a chance on them.

    Funny thing as I look at the Bold and 957 now. The Bold is heavier, the 957's keyboard is a billion times better, and the screen size (albeit much lower resolution) is no contest (the 957 wins). And the 957's battery could go for weeks of use, not days. Better games on the Bold, but it too is useless until Meteor Crusher gets updated.
    It doesn't record video. Get over it.

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    Thumbs down AT&T the best??? hardly

    Quote Originally Posted by Tate002 View Post
    I agree quit whining... At&t is the BEST... Great reception and the best phone... hands down....
    I beg to differ with this statement. Their service and reception were great when they were Cingular, or even South Western bell back in the day. Ever since the "merger" or hostile take over how ever you want to put it, their service got more expensive, reception has gone to ****, and their customer service is worse than Sprint. Having used AT&T, Sprint, and now T-Mobile, I am more happy with my service, support, and pricing through T-Mobile than any of the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blknberry View Post
    As you can see posters are still trying to defend the positions of these carriers, if you look at the phones that are manufactured (out of the box to do what they are suppose to do) but it is the carriers that put the limitations on the phone so a phones full potential isn't being used. China for example does not do this and that is why they are so far ahead of everyone else, the US carriers have to much say so and we get stuck in the end result. Once again I say stop the carrier wars and we as consumers need to make them step to the plate and allow for us consumers and carriers to have a win win situation as they do in China
    Sounds like you'd love to live in China. Ever been there? I have. Ghastly.

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    China is ahead in some respects...the fact you can walk up to a vending machine or into a retail store and pay for something by just holding your phone up to the reader is a magnificent achievement and something that is coming our direction.

    With the economic differences, workforce, labor, parts, and working environments, the U.S. is still moving forward and playing catch-up. However, as archer said above, we are doing ok here in the states.

    Most people can barely pay their cell bills now much less adding vending & retail purchases to the bill. Can you imagine?
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