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Originally Posted by ikasen I Apple did not know they would have these problems, or ... Smartphone News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikasen View Post
    I Apple did not know they would have these problems, or they wouldn't have released the Iphone "prematurely, and RIM is just lucky it happened to Apple first. I'm sure they are both trying to learn from their mistakes, and be first to do it.

    Sorry.....Posted from my 3gIphone (that works great!). :-)
    First of all, ship that phone to Apple for analysis, it's the only one working properly. Second of all, stop being an Apple appologist-spin doctor.
    Who are you kidding? RIM, nor the other players in the wireless industry haven't, nor will they ever, exhibit such incompetentcy.
    Apple's debacle will be studied in Business texts for years to come in a chapter entitled "Gargantuan Failures Due To Greed And Incompetentcy".

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    Quote Originally Posted by hayden View Post
    If the Bold were a 2G device, we would have it already. Can't wait for the 2G Javelin, should be the most BANG for the buck on some carrier networks.

    However, the Bold (8800 replacement) is more for business users, with their international travels it will be a great upgrade.
    I agree Hayden. Simply put the AT&T 3G network is not ready for the Bold. Initially I was looking at the Bold but now my attention has shfited toward the Javelin. I want the better technology available in the Javelin but not have to do deal with the 3G issues.

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    ill take it even if it has 3G reception issues. At least it will be better than my stupid Curve or 8800 that barely ever give me EDGE where my other phones give me 3G.
    8900 Curve, IPHONE 3G, SAMSUNG JET, NOKIA E71, BOLD, STORM 9500

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