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Click here to view ABC News Story on how Oklahoma Sheriff’s deputies use PocketCop to ... Smartphone News forum

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    BIO-key Releases New Version of PocketCop Software for BlackBerry


    Click here to view ABC News Story on how Oklahoma Sheriff’s deputies use PocketCop to stay informed and in touch.

    BIO-key International, Inc. , a leader in finger-based biometric identification and wireless public safety solutions, today announced the release of PocketCop version 3.5 for BlackBerry(R) smartphones from Research In Motion (RIM) . PocketCop is BIO-key's industry-leading solution for secure access to federal and state law enforcement and motor vehicles databases from handheld devices. With PocketCop, officers on foot, motorcycle, bike, marine and mounted patrol, as well as investigators and command-level staff, can quickly and easily identify a wanted person or stolen vehicle directly from a BlackBerry smartphone.

    PocketCop version 3.5 incorporates important new end-user functionality, as well as software administration enhancements that reduce IT support costs. One of the key, new end-user features available in this latest release is CAD integration, allowing PocketCop users to receive dispatch information directly from the agency's computer-aided dispatch system and send status updates to CAD silently and securely. This scanner-proof automated feature minimizes radio communication between the dispatcher and the officer in the street, which is especially critical in surveillance and undercover operations. It is available at no additional cost to current BIO-key customers with a CAD interface to MobileCop(R), BIO-key's complementary mobile data product for police vehicles.

    This new feature was piloted at the St. Paul (MN) Police Department, where, according to Glen Pettit, lead Information Technology Analyst for the Department, "It exceeded every expectation we had. CAD integration allows smartphone users much of the same functionality our officers currently enjoy from laptops via MobileCop."

    PocketCop version 3.5 also takes advantage of the BlackBerry(R) wireless platform's built-in web browser to reduce IT administration costs. With "Over- the-Air" deployment, the PocketCop end-user can download and activate the PocketCop thin client application software from any location to make the PocketCop-enabled BlackBerry smartphone fully operational and ready for use in the field. And with automatic software updating, future software enhancements can be installed quickly and easily on all deployed handsets.

    "CAD integration on BlackBerry smartphones is a significant advantage to the user agency," noted Michael DePasquale, BIO-key's Chief Executive Officer. "It keeps all of the department's officers and investigators informed and connected. And, with over the air deployment and updates, the savings in man-hours quickly provides a rapid return on investment by keeping IT personnel focused on the rest of the department's needs."

    BIO-key is a member of the BlackBerry(R) ISV Alliance program. All BlackBerry smartphone models running BlackBerry(R) device software versions 4.1 through 4.3 have been certified for PocketCop version 3.5.

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    very cool!
    BlackBerry Rocks!<-Check it out!

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    Is there a solution blackberry can't find?

    Reminds me of the Canadian (BC) drug dealers who were using BES to communicate.

    Makes me wonder why more criminals don't use it.

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    ~via BB ( where can I geta version?

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    Just Ask
    Are you a cop?
    Thx a lot!
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