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This for the celebs and exec visitors: BaySys is pleased to announce the availability of ... Smartphone News forum

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    BaySys Introduces In-Flight Email Messaging for Wi-Fi Enabled BlackBerry


    This for the celebs and exec visitors:
    BaySys is pleased to announce the availability of in-flight email messaging service using any BlackBerry 8820/8320 Wi-Fi enabled Smartphone.

    In partnership with and the Honeywell Business & General Aviation Group and it's subscriber's of the Honeywell Cabin Services offering, BaySys has the qualifications and capabilities to outfit any aircraft to provide this innovative service as part of a standard HSD installation in conjunction with any current aircraft certified WLAN router such as the CNX 200.

    This revolutionary and innovative offering will allow on board passengers to send and receive emails seamlessly while in-flight. It also allows for dual functionality whereby users can access emails and PC Internet applications concurrently. Additional benefits include:
    -- Always "on" and available from take-off to landing, no dial-up required
    -- Lower cost solution not dependant on Swift64 ISDN channels
    -- Customizable and robust security settings available
    -- On-board service while on the ground, even when no wireless network data coverage is available
    -- No roaming charges when using in-flight messaging solution overseas

    BaySys International, with dual VIP and Head of State transport aircraft completion, refurbishment, and FAA 145 Repair Stations in VA and CA, is one of the largest operations of its kind in the US.

    Please contact BaySys to discuss specific configuration details and scheduling.

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    thats pretty cool..

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    I read somewhere that Jet Blue is also planning to bring inflight messaging on it's aircraft. Don't remember all the details though.

    I hope they never permit voice calling while in the air. You'll be strapped in your seat for hours forced to listen to someone else's phone calls.

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    yea but its not for blackberrys
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