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    Bad text messaging, e-mailing manners can be costly


    * A third of workers check e-mails during meetings
    * Multi-tasking can take more time, cause mistakes
    * Technology can fuel "counter-productive work behavior"

    A political coup in New York's statehouse can be traced back to an incident in which a top lawmaker so enraged a wealthy backer by peering at e-mails on his BlackBerry that his patron engineered his ouster.

    One of the newer forms of poor office etiquette -- paying more attention to a hand-held device than to a conversation or business meeting -- happens so frequently that businesses are complaining it upsets workplaces, wastes time and costs money.

    "It happens all the time, and it's definitely getting worse," said Jane Wesman, a public relations executive and author of "Dive Right In -- The Sharks Won't Bite."

    "It's become an addiction," she said.

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    I've said it before, a business meeting is no place for a cell phone, unless you're actually using specifically for that meeting.

    I kick people out of meetings if they're on their phones. Work comes first, & if you forget that you'll remember it on the unemployment lines!

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    This is just terrible, so this is where the world is going, (hang on gotta answer a text from someone) I just cant believe people would do that, I mean I have texted in church a couple of times but it was to the person running the projector slides, er well and one other time it was to a guy in the front row who kept checking his phone and I thought it was funny.
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    Yeah I to believe cell phone usage is getting outta hand. Some ppl really go too far, to me you must be an adult about it and remember your priorites.
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