Via PC Mag: Today, Atheros announced its AR6003 chip, an 802.11n/Bluetooth radio designed for smartphones and other portable devices. Atheros is not the first to claim an 802.11n chip for smartphones; Broadcom announced its BCM4329 months ago, and said it should begin shipping this quarter. Atheros will begin shipping its AR6003 in volume during the second quarter of 2010, giving Broadcom a substantial lead.

However, an Atheros spokesman claimed that its chip would offer dramatic power savings compared to its predecessor and the competition.

"It's true Broadcom has a nine-month lead with their mobile 11n solution for handsets," the Atheros spokesman said. "However, the Atheros AR6003 features the highest throughput performance, industry-leading energy-efficiency and is two to two-and-a-half times smaller than the Broadcom solution. The variable on the size depends on whether you include the Bluetooth and FM components as part of the solution; all three components comprise Broadcom's combo solution."

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