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AT&T* today announced that Fortune magazine has named AT&T the Most Admired Company in the ... Smartphone News forum

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    AT&T Named Most Admired Telecommunications Company


    AT&T* today announced that Fortune magazine has named AT&T the Most Admired Company in the telecommunications industry, marking 11 times in 14 years AT&T has received the top distinction. Fortune also named AT&T among the Top 50 Most Admired companies in the world — across all industries — for the second time.

    AT&T joins an elite group of other corporate leaders ranked No. 1 in their industries, including Procter & Gamble, Visa, Wal-Mart Stores and FedEx.

    "AT&T is committed to being the industry leader — delivering the mobility, bandwidth and services that people and businesses need to stay connected, anytime, anywhere," said Randall Stephenson, AT&T chairman, chief executive officer and president. "This honor is a real tribute to the competitive drive, the passion to serve and the innovative spirit that defines the people of AT&T."

    The magazine's Most Admired Companies lists are among the most highly respected registers of corporate performance and reputation in the nation. This year, the magazine changed its survey format, combining the world's and America's Most Admired surveys into one global survey.

    To identify the Most Admired Companies, Fortune and its partner, the Hay Group, survey top executives and directors from Fortune 1000 and Global 500 companies, along with financial analysts, to identify companies that have the strongest reputations both inside and outside their industries. Companies are rated on attributes that include the ability to attract and retain talented people, the quality of products and services, the quality of management, innovation, social responsibility, use of corporate assets and long-term investment value.

    * AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

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    Thats pretty funny. I just switched my mom and dad from ATT to T-Mobile. Maybe I should get them to switch back, being ATT is Number 1.


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    ATT is aweful. Their customer service sucks, their plans are a rip off, and finaly, their coverage is terrible. I live in Downtown Boston and even though it shows 5 bars, most of the time you can barelly make a call. I am so glad I switched from the$ (over a year now). I have noticed that their "coverage" indicators are a complete lie.

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    That's pretty hilarious since my mom's phone has lost service twice since she got it. I've been trying to convince her to come to TMobile. Problem is, I'm switching from TMobile to Sprint next year.
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    Way to go att!
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    Hey I'm just glad there are companies still doing good in the current economic situation. That's one of the advantages of living in the US, we are free to make choices. If you're not satisfied with your phone company, then switch. Personally I am satisfied with AT&T.
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    i am sorry however i still love verizon more...i was with at&t for years and there service was horrible in my area and too expensive thus i prefer verizon, although kudos to them on their honor
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    Congrats to them. They may not have the best customer service, but I dont remember the last time I had to contact them.

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    I have had Sprint in the past and as long as your in a major City, it will work fine. But when you actually need it say on that Dark country road in Hicksville USA your pretty much the same as having a Bean can and String!!! lol I have had ATT since it was ATT then Cingular then ATT again, its been Great. My Coverage works everywhere and if there is a Gap in reception you move a few feet away, big deal! As for Verizon they couln't even Hook up my new Laptop a month into it so I have little faith in My Dark country road coverage!! lol ATT Rocks!

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    Congrats ATT, though it is no Surprise ATT service (wireless) has always been impeccable, always connected, drop call - can't remember the last time. Unlike that darn Nextel/Sprint I use for work "Please hold while the subscriber trying to reach is located" I can't stand that, a freakin satellite that can never find my drivers. With ATT - "They know where you are"

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    Congrats ATT, good to see they are making money, we need more success stories at the moment
    I have just switched to get the Bold, and I was recently on a dark country road
    Verizon, sprint and T-Mobile had zero coverage, but ATT worked
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    Good Try
    I second this msg. dude, i use to have Sprint..then for a week i had a company phone from Nextel, OMG...( lets just say i lost the Nextel on purpose)..but i love my Bold on ATT, i can honestly say, not 1 problem ...yet (knock on wood) Att...

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    ATT has won things like this before, and they used to really earn them. Things have changed from my view as well. Do wish they took care of the customer!
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