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    AT&T and Verizon Call A Truce


    According to a report from Electronista, the two carriers have decided to dismiss their lawsuits against each other. No reason was given as to why the two suddenly decided to dismiss their claims and according to the article, both companies left the table with no restrictions on future lawsuits.

    The suit filed by AT&T was in response to an ad-campaign started by Verizon showing the carrier's apparent lack of 3G coverage. AT&T contended that the ads were misleading and that some consumers might believe they are referring to voice coverage, despite the big letters 3G across the bottom of the screen and the announcer repeatedly saying "3G coverage". Verizon was not above a suit however. Earlier this year, Verizon filed one in response to AT&T's use the of the phrase "most reliable" when referencing their own network.

    No word whether Verizon will discontinue their ads which have begun to imply that the iPhone was somehow hampered on AT&T's network.

    Check out the full article here.
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    It's makes u wonder if it's because they were going knowhere fast and spending lots of money for nothing but bad press and Attorney's?

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