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I have to admit I never had any hour glass spinning either w/my Bold (original ... Smartphone News forum

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    I have to admit I never had any hour glass spinning either w/my Bold (original 9000) but I did not run any custom Themes either and did not have many apps installed. I also used the orignal OS released on it.

    All those can be a huge factor in the over-all preformance.

    My Pearl on the other than was an entire different thing. I was pulling the battery everyday and sometimes several times.
    Currently I don't have to worry about that anymore wink-wink

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    Lightbulb I'm pretty much in agreement...with the survey

    I've been a Blackberry owner since the 7000 series and currently own a 9700 (which is a story in itself and not always good). I've gotten to the point where I feel that RIM is not about the experience of the Smartphone, but rather how to protect market, and with that approach innovation is suffering. I've also planned that if Blackberry doesn't do something dramatic regarding the Blackberry, and if either the Android or the 4G iPhone offers a more attractive/pleasurable Smartphone experience, I'm also going to literally "jump ship". I'll give either or both phones a good 30 day workout. If it works, then RIM's lost me. If it doesn't, then I'll hang in there for another innovation cycle. I'd like to see RIM do it; e.g., make an Android/iPhone 'killer' device, but given the disappointing performance of the Storm and Storm 2, I rather doubt it. Mind you, I don't especially like the current iPhone's inability to let the user change the battery, do multitasking, and not provide a model with a physical keyboard (although I'm increasingly ready to give up that option to have a better browser, streaming experience). Also, I've found that video streaming on my 9700 is really poor; not even close to my iPhone (yes, I have one but only use it with WiFi). My Smartphone has become my portable business/entertainment center and I'm now looking to optimize that experience, and give up having to carry 2 phones. I hope not at the expense of RIM, but the Blackberry cache is fast disappearing.
    Andrew (Gaithersburg, MD)

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    J is obviously right and j you're condemned for running a 5.0 on a 8330 which hasn't the memory capabilíties of the later models. Another question you must answer, is how many buddies are out there that you know, that tinker and fidget with their Android, iPhone, (and now) Linux, Palm, etc OS systems as much as you have with the BB?

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    I'm not averse to trying something new either. Definitely lovin' the 9700 right now, though. Anxious to see what the new iPhone has to offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delfim View Post
    You know guys, ever since I announced the arrival of the 9700, and it's been a couple of months, I've never had problems with the "hour glass" .
    This damn smartphone is effícient and fast.
    Is it only me ? What about other buddies ?
    Not even when I reboot. All I get is a line ...
    Same here. The 9700 runs circles around my old 8310. Plus, I have about 25 apps installed and still have 100 MB of free memory ... and no more buzzing interference in nearby telephones and stereos ... and WiFi ... and 3G ... and the great camera ... and the track pad ... and OS 5 ... and the high resolution screen ...

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