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    All Things Digital: The Smartphone Wars

    Advertisement The handheld computer is the new PC — the most exciting, promising new platform for running software and connecting to cloud-based services. What do I mean by a handheld computer? Well, it could be one of the new generation of super-smartphones, like Apple’s iPhone — which pioneered the new generation — or phones powered by Google’s Android operating system, or the latest BlackBerries from Research in Motion. Or, it could be a small tablet powered by the iPhone’s OS and user interface; by Android; or by other competitors, like Palm’s new webOS.

    What I don’t mean to include in this new class of devices are netbooks running Microsoft Windows, which are just fine, but are really merely small, cheap, laptops. Nor do I mean to include the tens of millions of older, less capable, phones labeled “smartphones,” which can be a slippery term.

    These devices, like the Palm Treo, older Windows Mobile phones, or older-model BlackBerries, were breakthrough products in their day. But they use wimpier operating systems and less capable hardware than today’s new class of smartphones. They do run third-party apps, but these look primitive compared to, say, an iPhone app.

    A battle is shaping up in the next few years to see who will dominate this new handheld platform — who will attract the most users and third-party apps?

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    Good article, the competition is fierce which is forcing companies to put more capabilities into smaller packages and requiring a solid performance and polished appearance. The good thing is that the devices are continuing to evolve. The bad thing is that I don't make enough money to own them all
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    LOL @ az. I agree with you there. I wish I could own lines for my 8120 (T-Mobile), SideKick 3 (T-Mobile), a Treo Pro (Sprint), a Pantech Matrix Pro (AT&T), and a Pantech Duo (AT&T).

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    LOL Azstar!

    I hear ya! I have limited my self to BB in recent years(8100, 8310, 8320, 8120, 7100, 8800). I too though have been looking for a new toy to play with . .

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